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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Land of the Lost

     People always seem stupid to me.  Stupid and careless.  They don't pay attention to what they're doing, and if they want something, they don't even consider the consequences of trying to get it.  Take for instance a kid here who gave out some information to a guy he didn't know so he could get something he wanted.  Reading this news story, I'm not even sure what it was he wanted?  Anyway, he gives away the wrong info and then some guy starts using dad's credit card to run up some debt. the story your self:

     And why stop here?  I'm learning how to put some video up on my blogs, so let's check out a bit of Vegas news.  This stuff is real, people!  What do you do when you're a drunk idiot and you see a reporter here in Las Vegas?  You do...THIS:

     I found a video of a drunk defense attorney here in Las Vegas, but it's actually 4 videos and goes on for about half an hour!  Actual court room footage where he argues with the judge and keeps changing his story about wrecking his car and being late to court.  Ok, it wasn't really HIS car, it belonged to a guy in prison, and he said he had defended him and was now allowed to use it.  And the person this drunk was supposed to be defending was facing a possible life sentence.  At least that's what the judge kept saying.  Too long to put up in my blog, but...GEEZ!

     How about a taste of what I have to deal with sometimes?  People come to Las Vegas, start drinking, and then think anything goes.  You can act like an animal and it's fine!  How about if you're Australian? Can you just swim where ever you want to, whenever you want to?  Let's go to the video tape:

     And fountains aren't for ambiance, are they?  They're for drunken morons to climb in and pretend they're 3 years old!  Are these people really adults?  Just...unbelievable.

     Well, I'm finished showing the dumb.  Yes, the videos are funny, no they probably weren't funny to the people in them who had to deal with the situations.  Where do you people leave your sense?  Geez!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Popular outcasts?

     Back when I was in my 20's, way back in...well, never mind when that was, I was a bit of an outcast.  I didn't run with the popular people, and was pretty much a loner.  Now that seems to be a popular thing, especially with blogs.  Take for example "Political Spaghetti."  I like this blog, and have it emailed to me whenever a new one is posted.  This guy uses more profanity in what he writes, than I use every day in person!  (Yes, I swear a lot.)  So, is he an outcast?  Or is he a brilliant man who doesn't follow anyone else and is just bitter to the core?  Either way, I like the blog.

     So what I don't get now is that everyone seems to want to be an outcast now.  They want to be against the government, or dictators, or wars, or pornography.  They want justice, and honesty, and fair play!  (Actually, no one wants fair play, everyone wants the odds stacked in their favor.  We just claim we want fair play.)  These people make me want to be a conformist sometimes.

"Oh yeah, you're against big government?  I want bigger government!"

     Now I'm still an outcast because I want to anger the other outcasts.  Wonderful.  No wonder I don't volunteer my opinion in person that often.  I was never really an outcast by choice (Yes I was), but now online everyone wants to be the bad guy.  It's too easy to say controversial things online when no one can see you.  Use an alias, and you can even harass people!  Well, to a point.  Most police departments now have a "Cypbercrime" unit.  Send a few women a few really dirty emails, and you'll not only be an outcast, you'll be a jailed outcast!  And before you ask, no I haven't emailed anything nasty to any women!  I do have a few friends who have received some stalker crap, though.  One that I know of even had to report a guy to the police.  Sheesh, what is wrong with people?

     So what was I even writing about?  Oh yeah, being an outcast.  A leader is someone who goes his own way, and then people see where he's going and follow him.  Sometimes, even when he doesn't want to be followed.  *chuckle*  (Yes, I laughed at my own witty remark there.)  Am I a leader?  Sometimes.  Am I an outcast?  Sort of.  Am I finished typing this blog?  Yes.