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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Depression

     We're in a depression.  I don't mean I feel down and unhappy, I mean depression like in the 1930's.  There aren't many jobs out there now, and people are broke.  We don't have the soup lines like in the 30's, but people are still broke.  That just means people don't get free soup.  But that's not what I want to write about tonight.  I want to write about the people who don't seem to think:

     I work at a place with a crowd of ungrateful people.  They seem to think that they can't be fired, or laid off.  They can do anything!  If someone tries to lay them off, they'll just go to human resources and complain!  Yeah, that'll fix everything.  This last week I guess a few actually lost their jobs.  Out they went.  What did they do to lose their jobs?  That's not important.  What is important is that when I saw this the thought crossed my mind that I'd better make myself seem valuable so I wouldn't be next.  I guess this didn't occur to other people.  "Yes, they fired Moe, but they won't fire me!"  Come in late, call in sick whenever you want, hide, don't do your job, it doesn't seem to matter.  People don't seem to think they'll be fired for anything!  Even after watching other people be fired for the same things they do, they still don't think they can be fired!  It's...amazing, to say the least.

     And if they do happen to lose their jobs, they seem to think they can just get another one right away.  Good luck with that. 

"Hey Fred, that girl over there is bleeding, can you get some gauze for me while I check her out and see what's going on?"

"I'm on a PERSONAL!  Get the gauze yourself!"

     Neat attitude, huh?  Fred can't be fired, he's on a "personal."  It doesn't matter if someone is bleeding, or injured, or even if they just want directions, he's not going to help because he can't be fired!  He's taking his "personal" break and so doesn't have to do anything, or help anyone.

"Don't tell me what to do!"

     Ok, don't go and get the gauze.  It's always lovely to work with someone who has an attitude like this, isn't it?  If they actually did fire "Fred" do you think he would do well applying for another job?

"Ok Fred, are you through filling out your application?"

"I'm on a PERSONAL!  I'll finish it when I finish it, leave me alone!"

     Wow, he's on the fast track to management!  Who wouldn't want to have an employee like that?  I guess everyone, because here in Vegas I seem to run into quite a few people like Fred.  Then, if they do happen to get fired, or laid off, I get to read all the crap they spew online about how the world is prejudiced against them.

"There's no work here!  I've applied all over, but no one will pay me the $250,000 a year that I'm worth!  There are no jobs anywhere!"

     Sometimes the "Hire me, or else" approach doesn't work on some potential employers.  And even if you are nice, sometimes if you go into an interview with a bad attitude, why would they hire you?

"Hire me, or don't.  I don't care."

     Let's see...I'll!  I won't hire you!  Have a nice day, and don't let your attitude get caught in the door on the way out!  People just have such awful attitudes here in Vegas! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Believe anything

People are stupid.  But some people...well, they're just dumber than normal.  Tonight I thought I'd write about the people who belive the most bizare, and weird things.  And no, I don't mean the people who think the moon landing was faked, or the "Area 51" people.  How about a lady who is protesting imunizations, and demands that they not be given to children?  She claims imunizations cause autism.  I saw this on "Penn and Teller: Bullshit."  They're great at finding ignorant people.

     This woman claimed she didn't like immunizations because they have "chemicals and things" in them.  She has no idea what the "chemicals and things" do, and didn't bother to ask a doctor, she just doesn't like them and claims they cause autism.  Believe anything, I guess?

     "The economy is improving and everything is fine now!" some idiot politition says on tv, and all the unemployed people cheer.  "Hooray, they said everything will be fine now!"  What do they base "recession" on anyway?  Is it when the government hands out a bunch of money to businesses after they screwed up their business?  Who knows, and who cares?  What was I writing about?  Oh yeah, people that believe anything:

     This man believed he had a nice haircut.  I have to believe he didn't know that someone cut this into his hair!  How could you purposely have someone do this?  I know it's neat to have everyone point at you and laugh...I mean notice you, but come on!  Must we really do things like this?  And people wonder why we've never been contacted by an alien race.  If you were from another planet, would you want to make contact with people who do these things?

     I've pretty much lost track of the whole "People who believe anything" crap.  I typed "believe anything" into an internet search engine and came up with a before and after of an airbrushed photo.  The girl was pretty in both of them.  So why was all the "airbrushing" necessary?  Oh no, you can see veins in her hand!  Her eyes aren't pretty enough!  Her eyebrows are horrible!  What the hell?  Is she that vein that even being as pretty as she is, she has to have her photos touched up?  She's that scared that people might see what she really looks like?  We might not buy the underwear she's wearing if they don't touch up the photo!  (By the way, no I'm not going to try and find her underwear on Ebay!)

     I believe it's time to end this.  I believe the internet allows us too much information sometimes.  I blieve this blog gives no information at all!  Or maybe it doesn, who knows?  But at least I show pretty pictures now, right?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uncolored colors

     I always used to blog in colors.  I don't know why, but for some reason I would use a different colors.  I got used to it.  Now, I decide to publish my old blogs and find out that it'll be extremely expensive and I'll have to charge more for my book than any reasonable person would probably pay to have it put out in color!  How...aggravating!  So I went back to black and white.  It's supposed to be the writing that's the important thing anyway, right?  RIGHT?  Whatever.  Here's the cover I made up:

I had driven down to the Las Vegas sign to take some pictures at night for the cover.  I brave all these ignorant, yelling tourists to take a few shots.  And then when I'm making the cover at home, I come across a stock photo that I can use that looks better than the pictures I wasted my time taking.  It's a daytime shot, and I had wanted night, but it just looked better.  What did the night shot look like?  Who cares?  I didn't use it!  Why would anyone want to see the picture I didn't use?  Screw it, look at it anyway!

While trying to take this, a bunch of idiots were running back and forth below it yelling at the top of their lungs.  They had just gotten off a bus, and you would think it was a bus full of sugared up three year olds!  "Yaaaaaaaaaaa!"

For goodness sake, SHUT THE HELL UP!  They made me think of another funny from work.  As I come in to work security dispatch the other night one of the dispatchers I'm relieving tells me that a room right above the front desk was given their "final warning" for yelling down at the front desk with a bullhorn.  I can only speculate what they were yelling.  A "manager" went up to the room and personally told them if they casue any more problems, they'll be thrown out of the hotel!  I had no problems with the people in that particular room all night.  But then...

I come in to work security dispatch the very next night and the person I'm relieving tells me the same people, from the same room were yelling at the front desk with their bullhorn all night again.  And so the same "manager" went up to the room and again gave them another "fianl warning."  I asked if they were given a "final warning" the night before, especially for the same thing, why weren't they being evicted?  Simple, because the "manager" said he didn't remember giving them the final warning the night before.  How do you forget something like that?  I have to wonder how he remembers where he works?

"I'm warning you:  If you don't quiet down, I'll come back and warn you again!"

Do anything.  I think that's the motto where I work.  Do whatever the hell you want.  There are things carved into the plexiglass at one of the security posts near an employee entrance.  That means either a security officer carved the words into the plexiglass, or just sat there while someone else did.  Imagine how safe I feel at work now!  Should I really be piling complaints about where I work on here?  Probably not.  But it does help relieve a bit of stress.  Besides, a lot of what I write I just make up, so who knows if anything here is true, or not?  And even if the bullhorn incident did happen, the manager it happened to won't remember it, and so he'll think it's made up.  I'm home free!  Do anything, sheesh.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lord of the Vegas Rings

     Last night at work I overheard someone talking about a lady who was saying her rings had been stolen...from her fingers.  Did she know who had taken them?  No.  She was complaining that she had rings on when she had went to eat in the cafe, and then afterwards she didn't have on any rings.  Now...where do I even start with this one?  How do you not realize rings are coming off your fingers?  Granted she was really drunk and screaming "YEEEEAAAAAA, VEGAS!" in the middle of the casino, but still...?  And so since she didn't know what had happened to them, she claimed they had been "stolen."

     Is it really the alcohol that does these kind of things to people here?  Or is it somehow Vegas itself?  One guy had paid a hooker $2,000 to "hang out with him."  He didn't care about the $2,000, but instead was mad that she had taken a $50 jacket when she left his room.  Of course his passport was in the jacket.  When they sent me to talk to the guy, he said she had "just left the room."  Ok, if she had just left, why didn't he stop her and say, "Hey, that's my jacket!  You can't have that!"  Or maybe he could have asked for his passport back?  Ah, who cares?  If he can afford $2,000 for a hooker, he can buy another passport, right?  Hooray, problem solved!

     Not to get off the subject, but $2,000 for a hooker who steals your jacket?  Isn't that kind of...expensive?  And to pay her to just "hang out?"  Wow.  I wonder how much I could get to hang out?  Could he have maybe rented a more expensive hotel room and then paid say $300 to have a hooker steal his jacket?  I'm positive I can find him a fabulous suite here in a really upscale place for $1,700!  But no, he wanted the $80 room and the $2,000 hooker.  I just don't understand society.

     I've just come back from a trip to Idaho and Utah.  I couldn't believe how different the driving is there!  I come back to Vegas and the other night some guy was giving me the finger as he zoomed past me.  I guess I wasn't going fast enough for him.  It was funny to watch him talk on his cell phone, flip me off, and then almost wreck his car as he tried to get on a freeway onramp.  Maybe he was in a hurry to get a $2,000 hooker? 

     After reading all my old blogs that are now going into a book, I realized I haven't written in the same blogging "style" I did back then for a while.  I think they were really funny, and am going to try and get back to that type of chaotic humor.  Besides, blogging is a good writing exercise for me!