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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lord of the Vegas Rings

     Last night at work I overheard someone talking about a lady who was saying her rings had been stolen...from her fingers.  Did she know who had taken them?  No.  She was complaining that she had rings on when she had went to eat in the cafe, and then afterwards she didn't have on any rings.  Now...where do I even start with this one?  How do you not realize rings are coming off your fingers?  Granted she was really drunk and screaming "YEEEEAAAAAA, VEGAS!" in the middle of the casino, but still...?  And so since she didn't know what had happened to them, she claimed they had been "stolen."

     Is it really the alcohol that does these kind of things to people here?  Or is it somehow Vegas itself?  One guy had paid a hooker $2,000 to "hang out with him."  He didn't care about the $2,000, but instead was mad that she had taken a $50 jacket when she left his room.  Of course his passport was in the jacket.  When they sent me to talk to the guy, he said she had "just left the room."  Ok, if she had just left, why didn't he stop her and say, "Hey, that's my jacket!  You can't have that!"  Or maybe he could have asked for his passport back?  Ah, who cares?  If he can afford $2,000 for a hooker, he can buy another passport, right?  Hooray, problem solved!

     Not to get off the subject, but $2,000 for a hooker who steals your jacket?  Isn't that kind of...expensive?  And to pay her to just "hang out?"  Wow.  I wonder how much I could get to hang out?  Could he have maybe rented a more expensive hotel room and then paid say $300 to have a hooker steal his jacket?  I'm positive I can find him a fabulous suite here in a really upscale place for $1,700!  But no, he wanted the $80 room and the $2,000 hooker.  I just don't understand society.

     I've just come back from a trip to Idaho and Utah.  I couldn't believe how different the driving is there!  I come back to Vegas and the other night some guy was giving me the finger as he zoomed past me.  I guess I wasn't going fast enough for him.  It was funny to watch him talk on his cell phone, flip me off, and then almost wreck his car as he tried to get on a freeway onramp.  Maybe he was in a hurry to get a $2,000 hooker? 

     After reading all my old blogs that are now going into a book, I realized I haven't written in the same blogging "style" I did back then for a while.  I think they were really funny, and am going to try and get back to that type of chaotic humor.  Besides, blogging is a good writing exercise for me!

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