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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uncolored colors

     I always used to blog in colors.  I don't know why, but for some reason I would use a different colors.  I got used to it.  Now, I decide to publish my old blogs and find out that it'll be extremely expensive and I'll have to charge more for my book than any reasonable person would probably pay to have it put out in color!  How...aggravating!  So I went back to black and white.  It's supposed to be the writing that's the important thing anyway, right?  RIGHT?  Whatever.  Here's the cover I made up:

I had driven down to the Las Vegas sign to take some pictures at night for the cover.  I brave all these ignorant, yelling tourists to take a few shots.  And then when I'm making the cover at home, I come across a stock photo that I can use that looks better than the pictures I wasted my time taking.  It's a daytime shot, and I had wanted night, but it just looked better.  What did the night shot look like?  Who cares?  I didn't use it!  Why would anyone want to see the picture I didn't use?  Screw it, look at it anyway!

While trying to take this, a bunch of idiots were running back and forth below it yelling at the top of their lungs.  They had just gotten off a bus, and you would think it was a bus full of sugared up three year olds!  "Yaaaaaaaaaaa!"

For goodness sake, SHUT THE HELL UP!  They made me think of another funny from work.  As I come in to work security dispatch the other night one of the dispatchers I'm relieving tells me that a room right above the front desk was given their "final warning" for yelling down at the front desk with a bullhorn.  I can only speculate what they were yelling.  A "manager" went up to the room and personally told them if they casue any more problems, they'll be thrown out of the hotel!  I had no problems with the people in that particular room all night.  But then...

I come in to work security dispatch the very next night and the person I'm relieving tells me the same people, from the same room were yelling at the front desk with their bullhorn all night again.  And so the same "manager" went up to the room and again gave them another "fianl warning."  I asked if they were given a "final warning" the night before, especially for the same thing, why weren't they being evicted?  Simple, because the "manager" said he didn't remember giving them the final warning the night before.  How do you forget something like that?  I have to wonder how he remembers where he works?

"I'm warning you:  If you don't quiet down, I'll come back and warn you again!"

Do anything.  I think that's the motto where I work.  Do whatever the hell you want.  There are things carved into the plexiglass at one of the security posts near an employee entrance.  That means either a security officer carved the words into the plexiglass, or just sat there while someone else did.  Imagine how safe I feel at work now!  Should I really be piling complaints about where I work on here?  Probably not.  But it does help relieve a bit of stress.  Besides, a lot of what I write I just make up, so who knows if anything here is true, or not?  And even if the bullhorn incident did happen, the manager it happened to won't remember it, and so he'll think it's made up.  I'm home free!  Do anything, sheesh.

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