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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Evil Postmen

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

There you go, that’s an inscription on the James Farley Post Office in New York City.  Are these words more than just scribbles carved into a wall?  They certainly should be!  But they aren’t much more than that.  The mail doesn’t always get through now a days.  Some postal workers are lazy, stupid, and slow.  Some don’t even care if you get your mail.  Some just throw your mail away instead of delivering it.  Am I kidding about that?  LET’S GO TO THE VIDEO TAPE:

So now there will be people who won’t get their birthday card from Grandma.  Bills won’t be delivered and neither will things like voter registration cards.  Did you get a package from your Aunt May?  TOUGH!  But maybe your package didn’t end up in the dumpster, maybe it ended up in a ravine after this guy got a hold of it:

But not all postal workers are like this, right?  I mean yes some are fat and lazy and will drive the postal truck across your carefully manicured lawn, but...wait a minute, they'll drive on your lawn?  What the hell?

This chick not only drove up on the lawn, she isn't even wearing a postal uniform!  And even better, she just tossed the packages onto the porch.  I guess if they broke that's just too bad, isn't it?  Bought a really beautiful one of a kind sculpture from a local gallery and had it sent via US mail to your house?  If it arrived broken that's too bad!  Now pretend to ignore the torn up part of your lawn where the postal truck did doughnuts!

Not all postmen drive on your lawn with a postal vehicle.  Some actually use their own vehicles to sling the mail out.  Yes, I said sling, as in throw.  Did you order some nice new computer stuff from Amazon?  Amazon is really good at sending your orders right out!  And then the stuff gets delivered by people like this:

Isn't that lovely?  And from the news report it sounds like the post office didn't even care!  They said they would "investigate".  Isn't seeing this video enough?  Do you really have to investigate something you just saw with your own eyes?  There are supposedly laws against tampering with the US mail, but they apparently don't include postal workers.  

This just happens in American though, right?  Or maybe not.  Let's take a look at the Royal Post in jolly old England!  Here comes the red truck now!

That's for my English friends who sometimes don't get all their post.  It might be in the bushes somewhere, or maybe off in a creek.  People are people no matter where you live, and I guess lazy postal workers are the same the world over too.  Sad, very sad.

Now don't think this is about all of the people at the post office.  There are some really dedicated postal people out there and the idiots in these videos are hopefully the exceptions.  I know there are plenty of people in the post office who believe in that thing that says "Through rain and sleet and..." whatever.  I don't even know the whole thing and refuse to scroll back up to the top of this blog to copy and paste it here.