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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Important!

Ok, what the hell is with people?  I've recently run across a few people with an inflated sense of importance.  They seem to think that for some reason, they are more important than anyone else.  

"You'd better give me what I want, or I'll have you removed!"

Removed?  Removed from what?  What the hell is this?

"I'll leave right now and then talk to the manager tomorrow!"

I've never understood the people who think they're so important.  At first I thought it was just people who had "Manager" in their job title, but I was wrong.  There are so many other people who inflate their importance!

How about being a guest somewhere.  Does that make you super important?  In a way it does.  And yes, I do think guests should be treated nicely and with a special touch.  However some people think that if they're a guest that means they can treat a host like shit.  Where do people get this kind of attitude from?

"I woke up in a puddle of my own vomit and now my phone's gone!  You need to check the cameras RIGHT NOW and see where it went!"

What cameras?  What are you even talking about?  Why are there cameras watching you while you're puking on yourself?

"There are cameras everywhere in a casino!  Now check em!"

Ok yes, this is an example of some drunk in a casino.  And it's a fairly extreme situation.  (By the way, the cameras in casinos are there to watch the gaming, not to take video of drunk people so that we can tell them later where their cell phone went.)  But have you ever had a guest in your home who asks if they can use your bathroom and then leaves it a huge mess afterwards?  What the hell?  I just cleaned the bathroom!

How did I get talking about dirty bathrooms?  Where is someone less important than me who can clean this?  What the hell was I even writing about?  ... ... ... Oh yeah, people who think they're really important.

Forget security and guests and things like that.  Let's talk about writers.  Have you ever heard this one:

"My book is much better than The Lord of the Rings!  So it must be someone else's fault that it isn't selling!  Why don't I have a ton of reviews?  YOU PEOPLE NEED TO START DOING YOUR JOBS!"

"You people?"  What the hell is this?  And why would you compare what you wrote to The Lord of the Rings?  (Actually, I was going to put "50 Shades of Gray" but didn't want to sound too "cliche'")

I've written a number of books myself and I'm happy when one is bought.  I don't blame anyone else if some of my work doesn't sell in droves.  It's not some marketer's fault if my work isn't going out left and right.  They can't force people to review my books.  DUDE!  Enough with the self importance crap!

Ok, I'm going to end this chaotic rant because I have the One Ring and I'm more important than everyone else and so don't have to write anymore!  "I'M A MANAGER!"  Oh wait, I'm not a manager.  At least I don't think I am.  (A manager with the One Ring?  How...random.)

Stop thinking you're so important and spend a few minutes making someone else feel like they're important.  You might be surprised at the results.  They might end up thinking you're actually important, too.