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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Running over Miss Daisy

Everyone thinks drivers are bad where they live.  They have major wrecks on the California freeways and in New York City the traffic is always gridlocked in Manhattan.  And when I was growing up in Idaho, I also thought the worst drivers in the world had to be in Idaho.  But now I know the worst drivers are in Las Vegas.

Let's take a look at what happened just the other day here.  An 18 year old kid slammed his car into a local restaurant and then after badly injuring 10 people, tried to run away.  Here's a nice article and video that...well, attempt to tell what happened:

In the article is says the driver (Gage Lindsey) told the police he had "blacked out after taking an UNSUBSCRIBED pill."  I had no idea you could subscribe to pills!  I've subscribed to magazines before, I've even heard that you can subscribe to a "Jelly of the month" club.  But who allows you to subscribe to pills?  Obviously this kid was a brain surgeon to begin with.  Nice, huh?  

And if you get into a wreck here, or smash into a restaurant, all you need to do is get combative with the people and police there and then you're home free, right?  ... ... ... right?

But one instance doesn't make Las Vegas the place with the worst drivers.  Several incidents every week do, though!  How about this one:

This guy drove his truck over someone crossing the street.  The article says it wasn't clear whether or not the pedestrian was in a cross walk.  What was clear was that apparently if you walk out into traffic here, you're going to be killed because the trucks and cars don't break for people.  Stand there and yell that you have the right of way if you want, you'll still be killed.

But wait, there's more!  This old woman was using her cell phone and ran a red light.  Using your cell phone while driving here is illegal, but if you aren't even going to obey traffic lights, then why obey cell phone laws, right?  People can't die here!  At least that's what they think.  There are people here who honestly think that because they haven't been in a wreck before, they'll never be in one.  A lot of the wrecks and deaths here are from stupidity!

All four of these "accidents" happened within the last couple of days.  Oops, did I say four?  Of course I did!  And here's the fourth:

Another 18 year old!  Fabulous!  And he needs a public defender after killing a few people when he rear ended another car because he probably doesn't have a job or any money.  But he did have some beer bottles in the SUV.  And he obviously had an SUV!  I'm almost at a loss for words now.  It's getting so I'm afraid to drive my car anywhere!  All of this within three days.  And this is weekly stuff here.

You're safe in jail though, right?  ... ... right?  Maybe not.  This happened a while ago.

This is a link to an old L.A. Times article.  This 20 year old decided to plead "not guilty" after falling asleep at the wheel of a van and running over and killing 6 "juvenile offenders" who were cleaning up the side of the highway.  She was full of pot and ecstasy, but she still doesn't think it was her fault.  I mean being a 20 year old stripper you should be able to get away with anything, right?  Even killing some kids with a van.  The only thing that would make this one seem right would have been for someone to crash their car into the courthouse during the trial and kill her!

So when you think traffic is bad where you live after some idiot speeds by you, think about the traffic here.  I've been told that at any one time at least 30% of the drivers on Las Vegas roads are under the influence of alcohol, or some kind of drug, or both.  That number may even be higher now.