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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Believe anything

People are stupid.  But some people...well, they're just dumber than normal.  Tonight I thought I'd write about the people who belive the most bizare, and weird things.  And no, I don't mean the people who think the moon landing was faked, or the "Area 51" people.  How about a lady who is protesting imunizations, and demands that they not be given to children?  She claims imunizations cause autism.  I saw this on "Penn and Teller: Bullshit."  They're great at finding ignorant people.

     This woman claimed she didn't like immunizations because they have "chemicals and things" in them.  She has no idea what the "chemicals and things" do, and didn't bother to ask a doctor, she just doesn't like them and claims they cause autism.  Believe anything, I guess?

     "The economy is improving and everything is fine now!" some idiot politition says on tv, and all the unemployed people cheer.  "Hooray, they said everything will be fine now!"  What do they base "recession" on anyway?  Is it when the government hands out a bunch of money to businesses after they screwed up their business?  Who knows, and who cares?  What was I writing about?  Oh yeah, people that believe anything:

     This man believed he had a nice haircut.  I have to believe he didn't know that someone cut this into his hair!  How could you purposely have someone do this?  I know it's neat to have everyone point at you and laugh...I mean notice you, but come on!  Must we really do things like this?  And people wonder why we've never been contacted by an alien race.  If you were from another planet, would you want to make contact with people who do these things?

     I've pretty much lost track of the whole "People who believe anything" crap.  I typed "believe anything" into an internet search engine and came up with a before and after of an airbrushed photo.  The girl was pretty in both of them.  So why was all the "airbrushing" necessary?  Oh no, you can see veins in her hand!  Her eyes aren't pretty enough!  Her eyebrows are horrible!  What the hell?  Is she that vein that even being as pretty as she is, she has to have her photos touched up?  She's that scared that people might see what she really looks like?  We might not buy the underwear she's wearing if they don't touch up the photo!  (By the way, no I'm not going to try and find her underwear on Ebay!)

     I believe it's time to end this.  I believe the internet allows us too much information sometimes.  I blieve this blog gives no information at all!  Or maybe it doesn, who knows?  But at least I show pretty pictures now, right?

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