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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Depression

     We're in a depression.  I don't mean I feel down and unhappy, I mean depression like in the 1930's.  There aren't many jobs out there now, and people are broke.  We don't have the soup lines like in the 30's, but people are still broke.  That just means people don't get free soup.  But that's not what I want to write about tonight.  I want to write about the people who don't seem to think:

     I work at a place with a crowd of ungrateful people.  They seem to think that they can't be fired, or laid off.  They can do anything!  If someone tries to lay them off, they'll just go to human resources and complain!  Yeah, that'll fix everything.  This last week I guess a few actually lost their jobs.  Out they went.  What did they do to lose their jobs?  That's not important.  What is important is that when I saw this the thought crossed my mind that I'd better make myself seem valuable so I wouldn't be next.  I guess this didn't occur to other people.  "Yes, they fired Moe, but they won't fire me!"  Come in late, call in sick whenever you want, hide, don't do your job, it doesn't seem to matter.  People don't seem to think they'll be fired for anything!  Even after watching other people be fired for the same things they do, they still don't think they can be fired!  It's...amazing, to say the least.

     And if they do happen to lose their jobs, they seem to think they can just get another one right away.  Good luck with that. 

"Hey Fred, that girl over there is bleeding, can you get some gauze for me while I check her out and see what's going on?"

"I'm on a PERSONAL!  Get the gauze yourself!"

     Neat attitude, huh?  Fred can't be fired, he's on a "personal."  It doesn't matter if someone is bleeding, or injured, or even if they just want directions, he's not going to help because he can't be fired!  He's taking his "personal" break and so doesn't have to do anything, or help anyone.

"Don't tell me what to do!"

     Ok, don't go and get the gauze.  It's always lovely to work with someone who has an attitude like this, isn't it?  If they actually did fire "Fred" do you think he would do well applying for another job?

"Ok Fred, are you through filling out your application?"

"I'm on a PERSONAL!  I'll finish it when I finish it, leave me alone!"

     Wow, he's on the fast track to management!  Who wouldn't want to have an employee like that?  I guess everyone, because here in Vegas I seem to run into quite a few people like Fred.  Then, if they do happen to get fired, or laid off, I get to read all the crap they spew online about how the world is prejudiced against them.

"There's no work here!  I've applied all over, but no one will pay me the $250,000 a year that I'm worth!  There are no jobs anywhere!"

     Sometimes the "Hire me, or else" approach doesn't work on some potential employers.  And even if you are nice, sometimes if you go into an interview with a bad attitude, why would they hire you?

"Hire me, or don't.  I don't care."

     Let's see...I'll!  I won't hire you!  Have a nice day, and don't let your attitude get caught in the door on the way out!  People just have such awful attitudes here in Vegas! 

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