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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why Fy? Why Not Fy?

Why FY?  Why Not Fy?
Yes, I hid my wifi signal.  I was taught how to do it in my PC Repair college class.  What fun, making my signal invisible so people can’t see it!  You can’t see it anyway, but now computerized things can’t see it unless they know its actual name.  And no, I’m not telling you my wifi’s nickname!  (It’s Fuscubible!)  See next paragraph:

Did you try to find the Fuscubible wifi signal?  If so, then STOP IT!  I wouldn’t go to the trouble of hiding my signal and then tell people what its name is!  That’s not its real name!  That would be like registering for a college class and then never showing up for the class!  That’s something that amazes me.  College is not cheap, people!  So why the hell do people pay for a class and then not show up?  Is it so they can tell other people that they’re taking a college level class?  Is that it, the prestige?  Now I’m really curious if this kind of thing happens at universities like Harvard, or Yale.

     Does it happen at Stanford Law School?  People want to be a lawyer, but don’t want to do any actual studying?  They just want to stand in a court room and yell “I OBJECT” at a judge without even knowing why they’re objecting.  Waaaaaaay back when I was still in the Air Force I made a stop in Connecticut just before I was sent overseas to Italy.  I wanted to see what the Yale University campus was like.  I walked around amazed at how beautiful and…educational it looked.  And then I found this neat little student shop!  I went in and some preppie kid who worked there came up and asked if he could “help” me.  Maybe I looked like I was a poor, homeless, military kid?  I dunno, but I told him I wanted to buy a Yale football jersey.  He directed me to some nice jerseys and I bought one.

Now I bet you’re wondering what the hell buying a football jersey at a Yale student store has to do with going to class?  (Or what it has to do with hiding a wifi signal?)  Well, after I was sent overseas I would wear my Yale jersey all the time and people would ask “Did you go to Yale?”  And I would always answer “Yes!”  I did eventually explain that I had never attended school there, but I did go there to buy the jersey from the preppie kid at the student store.  So using correct English, yes I went to Yale.  Too bad I couldn’t attend class while I was there.

I think I’d like some jerseys from other places now.  I’m older and hopefully wiser now and I think I should have some school jerseys.  I should probably start with a baseball jersey from The College of Southern Nevada because I’m ACTUALLY TAKING CLASSES THERE!  Although at the moment I’m out of work while I take the classes and so can’t afford to buy a baseball jersey.  (No football, they don’t have a football team…yet.)  I can accept donations, though! 

So what should I ask for?  Let’s start overseas!  Does anyone live near Oxford University in the United Kingdom?  How about an Oxford English Football Kit?  (If I’m going to beg for clothing, I may as well know the correct terminology for it.  *chuckle*)  Oh, better yet, I know what I want!  I know a lot of friends I have would love to have large libraries filled with books, I think I want a room with this in it:

I want an English Football Kit room!  I want little teams, though!  An Oxford kit would look nice in there, but I’d also like teams from places I’ve never heard of, like Cheltenham Town, and Dagenham!  And maybe a few kits from countries other than the United Kingdom?  YES, I now want it to be a EUROPEAN FOOTBALL KIT ROOM!  OR BETTER YET, A WORLD FOOTBALL KIT ROOM!  THAT SOUNDS SO COOL!  I need kits from teams like Daegu (South Korean team) or maybe Makhachkala from the Russian league?  (I should probably get off this subject now because I know absolutely nothing about these teams and had to look them up using one of my video games.)

What was I originally writing about?  Oh yeah, I hid my wifi signal.  I’m not sure how that led to writing about English European World football soccer kit jerseys, but it did.  So if you have a few extra bucks and would like to help me get my Football soccer kit jersey room started, please send me a kit from where ever you can find one, and then maybe I’ll unhide my wifi signal…at least for the new room.

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