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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Writing the Moops

     What is writing, really?  It's basically using our imagination to tell a story.  That's it.  I see the story in my head and transfer it to paper.  Or in my case, I type it up on a computer and it gets transfered to paper later.  But it's basically just creating characters and then telling what happens to them.  I recently bought a game called "The Sims 3."  I bought the first Sims game when it came out years ago and it was fun.  Well, not fun, but kind of addicting.  It's the same with the third version.  You create some people, and direct their lives.  In a way, I guess telling some video person when to take a bath, or go to the bathroom might sound boring.  But some of the things that happen...well, let me just blog here a bit about the Sims I created:

     Meet Grezelda Moop.  She's fat, blue, and evil.  Yes, evil.  You can give them traits and one of her traits is that she's evil.  I'm still not sure how this plays out in the game, but I'm sure I'll find out.  Or not, it doesn't matter.  It's still fun to make a blue woman who is evil, and insane.  Yes, also the insane trait.

     It seems you need sim money if your sims want to eat, and buy things, just like in the real world!  So, of course, you have to get them a job.  I decided that since she's fat (and blue) she must like to eat.  So I found her a job at a local restaurant.  I figured since she was evil, she should dig in the trash a bit before her first day of work.  How many people do this in real life?  Be careful where you eat.

     Yes, that's a bikini she's wearing.  Actually, it's her underwear.  Being insane, she wears what she wants, where she wants.  Except for work, she does have work clothes.  At least for now.

Meanwhile, her sister Emily lives with her.  I decided to make Emily a nice, friendly, blonde girl.  She's the one on the left in the blue dress with the flower in her hair.  She was nice and went out to meet some of the neighbors while Grazelda stayed at home and yelled at the furniture.  She's a boring writer, so we'll forget least for now.

     So on they went with their little sim lives.  Emily working hard at writing and painting, and Grazelda...well...once while trying to cook dinner she set the stove on fire...

     The game told me she wanted to see a ghost so I sent her to the town's graveyard at night.  She didn't see any ghosts, but she did meet a nice man there.  Being evil and insane, of course she slapped him around.

     Since she was fat, I thought it might be funny to make Grazelda work out.  I had her do some aerobics in front of the tv at first...

     It just made her need a bath.  Next, I sent her to a local gym thinking it would be funny to see her on a treadmill.  It was...after she got going, she fell and was dragged for a bit!

Yes, she's still in her underwear.  But then, after a bit at the gym, she actually lost some weight!  I couldn't believe it!  So I sent her to a "salon" for a makeover to see how much I could actually change her.  She's stuck with the blue skin, I guess a smurf is a smurf, but I ended up changing her hair, and how she dressed.

     And so the Moop family story goes on.  I keep finding new things for the characters to do, (or have done to them) and I think that's what's supposed to happen.  Grazelda made some grilled cheese sandwiches and left them out on the counter for a while.  Her blonde sister was hungry, so I had her eat some.  She ended up puking in the toilet.  If you look closely, you can see the green vomit between her head and the toilet!  Very neat!

     I guess this was pretty much a senseless blog, wasn't it?  I just thought I'd show off my blue woman.  *chuckle*  The next one I write should be about my high school reunion and all the blue women that attend that.  I honestly don't remember anyone being blue in high school, but you never know.  They might have turned blue in the last 25 years.  I'm sure I'll get all excited and post more about Grazelda and Emily.  I'm pretty much hooked watching them go about their lives (or whatever I tell them to do!  *chuckle*).

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