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Friday, June 17, 2011

In Wonderland

     I've said for a long time that Las Vegas is like living in Wonderland to me.  Well now the whole world seems to be becoming Wonderland.  Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you people?  I drive down the road and some idiot has to race by me, cut me off and jam on his breaks so he can turn right!  He HAD to be in front of me before he turned!  I just can't understand someone who almost causes a car accident just so he can turn in front of someone else.  And this is nothing.  This is just the beginning...

     Now way back when I was a kid, you would always hear about the rare boys and girls who would go out behind the barn, or school, or whatever and show each other their privates.  WOW, what a thrill!  Now, we don't bother with that, we have technology!  Now we just text a picture of our privates to someone else.  Or better yet, you use a social thing like Twitter to tweet your privates out there!  This is...what can I even say about this?  And NOW, we have a guy in the government doing it!  AND HIS NAME IS WEINER!  A MAN NAMED WEINER TWEETED A PICTURE OF HIS WEINER!  Call the Mad Hatter and the March Hare and let's set up a fucking tea party!  (Sorry about the profanity, but I got a little excited there.)

     I'm not sure if this is an actual picture of the guy, but it looks like him to me.  And then he says he had some kind of "sex addiction."  Ok, I'm an alcoholic, and I can understand addictions, but how does a sex addiction get you to tweet your wiener?  Ok, wait...I think I did find a picture of him...

     How did he get elected with a neck like that?  Oh well, Washington DC elected a crackhead for mayor a few times.  And it was well known he was a crackhead, but I guess it's ok if people know you're a sex addict, or crackhead, or whore, or whatever, right?

     Weiner resigned, I guess.  I think someone named "Testicles" is taking his place.  Let's hope he doesn't like to tweet!  And while I'm on the subject, why is this crap only coming from the males?  Wouldn't it be fun for Sarah Palin to go off the deep end and tweet out a shot of her boobs?  She can have a pic taken next to her daughter, and they can both maybe show off their boobs and then say the tweet is for planned parenthood, or something!  Somebody call her, let's see em!

     Since we had a Congressman "Weiner" I think I should probably check the rest of the congressional rolls.  We might have a Congresswoman "Ta ta's"  or maybe a Congresswoman "Twat?"  Who knows?  Ok, I'm a bit lazy in that area and won't be checking any rolls, let alone the congress one.  I'll just keep checking my twitter account, though.

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