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Friday, January 6, 2012

Where's my money?

I'm a blue collar kind of guy.  I work so I can eat.  Well, eat and entertain myself, and write, and on and on and on.  And when I go to work, there is a time clock there.  Before I start work, I clock in.  When my shift ends, I clock out.  There is also a "sign in book" that sits near the time clock.  Before each shift, I sign the book and write the hours I'll work for that night.  That way if the time clock somehow screws up, the book will still show my hours.

I'm apparently one of the few who bother to clock in and out where I work.  Now I have to sit at work and be lectured because some other employees don't bother with the time clock, or even the sign in book.  They show up, hang out, and then go home.  Then when it comes payday and they don't get any money, they start trying to say the casino and security managers are screwing them out of their money.

"I wasn't paid for last week!  This isn't fair!"

"Did you clock in and sign in for the week?"

"I don't remember!  But you have to pay me anyway!"

So now this idiot wants paid for hours that there is no proof at all that he worked.  "I said so" is not proof you worked!  This is supposed to be a job for adults!  And yet a good amount of the people I work with aren't even responsible enough to use a time clock!  It's not that hard!  And since there is a security briefing before the shift starts, and since most of the employees line up and clock in before the briefing, you really look even more stupid when you aren't clocking in!

To be fair, some of these guys who don't clock in show up to work late for most shifts.  So much so the director of security had to put out a memo that you're no longer allowed to show up late.  Too bad no one will bother to enforce that.

And so finance where I work have their hands full trying to pay people who don't clock in and won't use the sign in book.  It's way too much trouble to do that!  That's just way too hard!  Some days I really wonder how some of these people show up to work and stay upright.  Isn't it too much trouble to stand up, or sit up in a chair, too?  Geez!

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