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Saturday, June 2, 2012

All men want is Sex

All they want is sex!

I heard a girl complaining the other day that all men want is sex.  This was after she had come out of a dance club and had been unsuccessful in picking up a man.  She was dressed in this really small dress with her boobs hanging out.  And she thinks all men want is sex, huh?  People are just unreal.

All penguins want is snow.  All cats want is to sleep.  All cannibals want is to eat people.  (Wow, where did that one come from?)  Are those statements true?  I want more than sex.  I'm a man.  So I'm sure cannibals want more than to eat people!  I mean there has to be more than just luring the nice National Geographic photographer behind the Chief's hut to smack him in the head with a rock and then make a stew out of him.  (or her)

So why would some women get the feeling that all men want is sex?  That is what a lot of men are looking for, but you have to take into account where you're finding these men.  At a dance club most men are there trying to pick women up for sex, yes.  How about a grocery store?  Do all the men in there want sex?

Woman: Hey Big Boy, what brings you here?  Would you like to buy me a drink?"

Man:  Uh...I just want some carrots.  Why are you hitting on me in the vegetable section?

That poor guy just wants carrots!  He's not in the grocery store looking for sex.  He wants vegetables!  Maybe if you looked in different places, men are there for more than sex?  We might actually have other interests!  Or maybe not.  Las Vegas is a pretty self centered city.  A lot of people here just want to use other people.  

Ok, I haven't answered my question about what men want.  But at least I put up a blog.  I'll leave you with a good piece of advice, though:

If you're visiting some strange tribe way out in the middle of nowhere, don't go back behind the Chief's hut no matter what someone tells you is back there.  Not even if you think you might find some sex.  You'll just end up in a stew.

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