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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Making English Football

Making English Football

A couple of my last blog posts were about working my way through a season of video game English football with a team from Liverpool, England.  I guess people were interested in my little career!  *chuckle*  Well making a few transfer moves and working my way through the season was fun, even though I don't think I even really made it half way through the season.  But now I've decided that instead of using Liverpool, I would create my own English football team and see how I could do with them.  Now to do this, I had to create everything from the ground up!  I found the stadium type I wanted the team to play in, created the uniforms and all the players for the team, and then even put them into a league to start the season.  I did have to remove a real team to insert my created team, but to be honest I can't even remember what team I replaced!  Shows how much I really know about soccer.  *chuckle*  But I'm learning fast!

Now...English football teams aren't like American sports teams.  Sponsors put their names and sometimes logos or designs on the English football team uniforms.  Seeing this, and realizing I could have my own sponsor, I decided to ask a friend who is a very successful romance author if I could use her as a sponsor.  She didn't have to do anything but give me her permission.  After she said yes, I put part of a book by author Sable Hunter on my team's uniforms!  And personally, I think they look great! I decided to have the team play out of "West London" because it's an English Football team, and the video game recognizes (Sorry, "recognizes" for my English friends!) the city name of London and will use it during some of the commentary.

I hadn't played the game for a while, but have returned to it and want to see at least one season through!  I started the team out in the NPower league and my goal for the season is to gain promotion to the next league!  Now keep in mind, I didn't design a bunch of super powered players for this team.  These are average players.  There are some pretty good guys, but they aren't "top of the league" type players.  Just working class guys!  I did manage to buy myself some game capture equipment and can actually now post a few of my highlights from matches on Youtube or Facebook!  This does take not only playing the game, but a lot of editing work, too!  *chuckle*  Now before you watch some highlights from the first game, let me tell you about two of the players:

My two favorite strikers are Robert Wacaster (ME!) and another friend, author Steve Morris.  Neither player looks anything at all like the real us.  *chuckle*  (And I'm actually a bit older than 19, the age of the player who shares my name!)  So when you see Steve scoring a couple goals, keep in mind he's a real writer and has some spectacular books out for purchase! Ok then, here are the highlights from our first match!

Yes, we're the boys in purple!  And so I'm going to continue playing through the season with Sable's boys!  I've played through a couple other matches so far, but haven't captured any of the highlights from them.  I'll get to doing that again soon, though!  So keep a watch and help support Sable's boys!  Oh, and go and buy a copy of books by Sable Hunter (Fantastic romance books), Steve Morris (Incredible short stories, and a really well written book about what happens when all the electronic stuff fails, Playing Havoc!), or Robert Wacaster (Romance stories, humorous Las Vegas casino stories, and even a dark book or two!) from, or where ever you can find them!

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