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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sable's Boys getting hot! Transfer time!

Transfer time

Welcome back to my little log about "Sable's Boys"!  As we continue our little romp through the English football league, I finally decided to pick up a couple real life players for the team.  I was a bit inspired by the real life version of one of my virtual players, Steve Morris.  Steve is a huge Port Vale fan and always sends me info on how the a match is going from time to time.  I really appreciate that and since Steve has told me a bit about some players who have recently transferred to Port Vale, I decided that maybe I wanted to see them play on my West London team with all of the made up players I have!  And so here are the guys I ended up transferring to our team:

Chris Birchall - He seems a lot better than the stats they have given him!  And since in real life he's said he would play for Port Vale for free for a bit if needed, I had to have him!  I love that kind of loyalty!

Gabriel - I'm not sure who this guy is, but I got him on loan for the season after realizing I only had two goal keepers!  And it's a good thing, too!  I'll get to that in a bit, though.  

Tom Pope - How could I not want Pope after following Port Vale for a bit?  *chuckle*  FEED THE POPE!  And after his transfer, he even scored a goal in his first game with us!  His stats in the video game don't reflect it, but he's a fantastic player!  I'm thrilled to have him with us now!

David Beckham - Yes, I transferred Beckham!  *chuckle*  I figured we could use a bit of English leadership for our first year.  I haven't played with him yet, but am looking forward to it!  He's being paid 30,000 Sterling a week, if anyone cares.  

Now as I moved along in the season playing a few matches, I find out that a few of my players are going to be sent off to play for their international teams!  My virtual self will be playing for the USA, one of our young goal keepers named Pennyworth will be playing for England, our other goal keeper Caballero will play for Spain, and a couple other are heading out, too.  (Sorry Steve, you weren't selected for England.  I don't have a clue why!)  While my goal keeper Caballero was off playing with his mates in Spain they broke his tail bone!  So he comes back to the club and I get a message saying he'll be out with injury for about 5 months now.  5 MONTHS!  What the hell?  And I only had two goal keepers!  Thank goodness I got Gabriel on loan, whoever he is!  (I think he came from Milan.)  So now I still only have two goal keepers!  I'll have to hope one or both of them don't get injured during the season!  DAMN!

Playing Derby County, we beat them 3 to 1.  Next, we played Bristol City and also beat them with a score of 2 to 0.  Finally a clean sheet game!  And then we played a Capital One Cup match.  We were up against Plymouth Argyle.  Whoever they are, they weren't very good and we pounded them!  We took the match 6 to 0!  I didn't have my game capture software running, but realized I could boot it up for the highlights!  So here are the highlights from that game.  Keep an eye out and you'll see both Tom Pope and Chris Birchall!  Birchall even scores a goal!

And so onward we go with the season still hoping for promotion!  Things are looking good as we haven't lost a match yet.  Stay tuned to see how the team continues to fare!

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