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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Finding Art

So what is art?  A Chinese guy named Sun Tzu wrote a book called The Art of War around two thousand years ago.  So is war art?  His book is full of tactics and things.  People recite things they think have come out of this book like "An older warrior will sit back and eat the cheese while young warriors jump the fence and pick the tomatoes.".  Ok, that's probably not really a quote from his book, but you get the idea.

Is that art?  Maybe to some people, but that's not what I'm writing about today.  How about painting?  Painting is art, right?  A guy named Vincent Van Gogh used to paint.  He was a bit crazy though, and at one point cut off some of his ear and gave it to a prostitute named "Rachel".  His paintings are priceless today.  I don't much care for his art.

Drawing is art, too.  Now there we go!  Tonight I saw some drawing that I absolutely loved!  Pure art!  Art is said to be best when it's created with emotion.  And I think the art I saw today was created with pure emotion.  Who was the artist?  His name is Dillon.  Dillon Smith.  I think he has untapped potential.  One day, Dillon's stuff needs to be hanging in a gallery somewhere.  For now, it's on a door. 

That's right, you're looking at green scribbles on a door.  *chuckle*  But it's art to me!  I think it was done brilliantly!  Of course this wasn't done on my door.  It was done on Dillon's Father's door.  Dillon's father wasn't amused.  And while Dillon's father wasn't amused, Dillon continued to create on a nearby wall!

There was actually more art on the washer and dryer, but I wasn't able to get a picture of that before someone "cleaned it up".  *chuckle*  This boy has talent and obviously loves what he does.  Making art is exhausting work and you sometimes need a nap afterwards.

(This was actually taken a couple weeks before his historic art creation, but a good artist knows when to nap! *chuckle*)

So here's to Dillon Smith!  I love his art and hope he continues on with his work!  Get this boy some paints next! I think I know just what to get him for Christmas now!  *chuckle*

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  1. Somehow I knew you could make something awesome out of my misery. Keep up the good work bro...