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Saturday, May 31, 2014

News isn't easy

News can be fun!

Most of us watch the news.  Local, national, we watch because the news people tell us what's going on in our towns, cities, and neighborhoods.  Sportscasters give us the latest scores and weathermen tell us how the weather is supposed to turn out.  But being a journalist isn't always as easy as it seems.  Now I'm not a professional journalist right now, I'm just some unemployed guy with a computer at the moment.  But just like every other job, journalists have bad days.  Many thanks to the YouTube channel NewsBeFunny for making me laugh and reminding me that television journalists may be local celebrities, but their jobs aren't always peaches and cream.  Take a look at a few things that have gone wrong:

There's the man in the black hoodie who spouts off the most profane thing he can think of.  *chuckle*  That's what you get when you do live interviews sometimes.  The blonde reporter who gets hit on by the guy with no shirt carrying a dog.  The nice reporter "Jeff" who ends up knee deep in some mud while someone back in the studio laughs away.  I wonder if he ever saw his shoes again?  Dave Marcheskie does his live report while a guy behind him chugs the water out of a vase.  Poor Dave, no one even bothers to tell him what's going on behind him.  

I love the shot of the guy behind a rugby interview who tries to catch a ball and then drops his kid.  There's really no need for me to go over everything that happens, watch the video for yourself.  It's hilarious!  And it shows that reporters are just regular people trying to do their jobs...and failing sometimes.  *chuckle*  Newer reporters always get sent out for the live shots.  A suave cameraman will catch things going on behind them and not give it away to the reporter sometimes.  It's hilarious and in a way, part of paying your dues as a reporter.

Holidays are special though, right?  Oh no they aren't!  Holidays can be just another excuse to harass a journalist while they're on the air.  Nothing is better than making a news anchor scream while they have a camera on them.  Take these Halloween clips for instance.  

Still want to be a reporter?  It does look like a bit of fun, doesn't it?  Try being a meteorologist.  But don't just be a weatherman or weather woman somewhere nice, go where there are storms.  Go where there are hurricanes like Sandy and report from there.  Your station will send you out to do live shots from the weather.  It's just a part of the job, right?  *chuckle*

And even while reporting from the middle of a storm people will still troll your live reports...

So here's to journalists and the jobs they do.  Thanks for all your patience.  *chuckle*

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