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Monday, May 19, 2014

Self Defense

What is self defense?  Here in Las Vegas it's an excuse to kill someone, cut them up, and then use some concrete to bury them in your yard.  Yes, we're having a murder trial here in town and the defense for this guy murdering a woman is "self defense".  Now before I go on and comment about this, let's take a look at an article telling a bit about what's going on:

There you go.  Even a picture of the guy who's name is Jason Griffith while he's on the stand!  I had thought that you weren't allowed pictures or video when someone was on the stand in court, but I guess since this trial is such a circus, we have to let all the clowns into the center ring.  If you followed the link (or copied and pasted it…whatever.  *chuckle*) and read the news story, you see the defendant is claiming that this woman was "harassing" him.  He's so special that when he tried to break up with her, she went nuts and threatened to kill him.  Ah…yeah.  He claims she sent him "hundreds" of text messages and emails per day.  Hundreds, really?  If she was a dancer I can't imagine she got much rehearsing done if she was spending all day writing hundreds of emails and texts.  I email a lot, but I don't think I send ONE hundred emails a MONTH!  

So this Jason Griffith was being "harassed".  And since he felt "harassed" he feels that it was self defense and ok to strangle this lady and then hack her legs off and try to hide the body.  By the way, the guy who helped him hack the woman's legs off was given immunity from prosecution to testify.  So if you ever dismember someone here in Vegas, make sure you offer to testify against someone else for something, and then cutting up a dead person is ok.

Now this didn't even happen recently.  The woman was killed and hacked up back in 2010.  I don't even think Jason Griffith, her killer, has been in jail since the murder.  I guess saying it's self defense makes it ok to delay a trial for four years.  And since he was a dancer in a show at the Mirage hotel they probably wanted him to be able to keep dancing for a while.  It's a good thing no one hacked his legs off like he did to the dancer/girlfriend/supposed psycho.  

Do you like my picture of Norman Bates?  Norman was the star of the movie Psycho and killed a woman taking a shower.  I don't remember if he hacked her up afterwards, but he certainly hacked her up while she was showering!  He even had theme music during the shower scene!  But it was self defense!  She was "harassing" him while taking the shower!  There's no difference between him and the guy in Vegas who killed the dancer, is there?

Now as far as I know, it's not as easy as you might think to strangle someone.  And after actually killing another human being, how do you ask another guy to help you cut her up?

"Hey dude, I just killed this chick and want to bury her in the yard, but she won't fit in the tupperware I bought.  Can you help me hack her up?"

"Yeah, why not?  I have some free time, and if you get caught, I can just offer to testify against you and then not be prosecuted for doing that.  Hand me that hack saw over there."

The oddest things happen in Las Vegas sometimes.  I wonder how this trial will turn out?  Maybe if Jason Griffith is found guilty he can have his sentencing hearing delayed until 2018?

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