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Friday, December 31, 2010

Once more into the breach...

     Ok, I've got about a half an hour before I try to get to work.  I say try because I don't know how bad the traffic will be tonight.  Right now it's about 7:30 pm on 12/31/10.  I have to get to the Las Vegas Strip, which by the way has now been shut down to car traffic by the police, by 10pm.  And then the real chaos will begin, I'm sure.

     New Year's Eve in Las Vegas do I describe it?  Wild, stupid, dense, a pain in the butt, maniacal, sinister...  The fountains will probably end up full of vomit, and the streets full of trash.  There will be fights, arrests, violence, screaming, noise, and complete insanity.  Everything that I loved when I was younger...and hate now that I'm older.  It's funny how we change like that, isn't it?

     I'll have one of the best seats in the house for this year.  I'll be a Security Dispatcher.  While handling about 400 phone calls, and sending officers here and there, I'll somehow find time to use the cameras to watch the screaming crowd...the cameras don't have sound by the way, so I get to watch them with relative quiet.  I'd like to put on my Ipod while I watch them and have some cool music playing (Maybe the piano tune "The Entertainer?" *chuckle*), but will have to listen to the security radio instead.  And actually, that might have quite a bit of comedy come through itself!

"Big Sal to Control, I have a man here who hasn't checked in yet, do we have any rooms available for the night?"

"Control to Big Sal, you were told in briefing the entire city is sold out for tonight!"

"I understand that, but do we have any rooms available?"

"No...I just told you we're sold out!"

"Ok, he wants to know where he can go then."

     I'm sure I'll have a crowd of "Big Sals" to deal with.  No one seems to listen, especially when we're busy.

"Control to available units, there's a fight at the Mambo Bar!  Repeat, fight at the Mambo Bar, get over there!"

"Charlie Six and Charlie Seven responding!"

"Copy Six and Seven, let me know what's going on and keep me informed."

"Big Sal to Control, I think there's something going on over at the Mambo Bar."

"Yes, there's a fight!  Head over and assist Charlie Six and Seven!"

"I think it's a fight.  Did you want me to go over there?  This is Big Sal again, by the way."

"I read you, Big Sal!  yes, get over to the Mambo Bar!"

"Charlie Six to Control, multiple injuries, and we have one in custody.  We're taking him to the security office."

"Copy Charlie Six."

"Big Sal to Control, I'm over at the Mambo Bar now, and I don't see a fight."

"We have one in custody, Big Sal, head over to the security office!"

"But what about the fight?  Shouldn't I find the fight first?  This is Big Sal, by the way."

     Obviously any headaches I get tonight will probably be because of "Big Sal" and not the loud, insane, screaming crowds of people!  And for my coworkers who read this and think about asking me who "Big Sal" is:  Look around you, if you can't recognize him, he may be you!  *chuckle*

     So for tonight, pray for me.  Hold high hopes for me, and have a good time yourself.  And for "Big Sal"...START PAYING ATTENTION, YOU MORON!

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