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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Writing for free money...or just for free.

     I've been on "vacation" the last week or so, and really didn't do anything.  Well, I accomplished a little bit.  I wrote a bit and actually finished reading a book so I could put out a semi-intelligent review.  I'm not one of those maniac critics who will rip a book apart, so my reviews are usually fairly simple.  Either I like your book, or I fake my way through the review.  Ha ha.  Actually, since reviewing things isn't my "real job" I usually only read books I want to read, and so usually give pretty good reviews.  I can't imagine reading a someone's book and then ranting and raving about how bad it was.  If I didn't like the book, why would I read it?

     People think that if you write a book now a days, you're suddenly a millionaire.  If you write a book, you can just quit your job and live the life of luxury!  Fabulous!  Not quite so.  Most of the writers I know are broke.  Well, not broke, but we don't make a ton of money from our writing.  We actually have to have real jobs to get by.  And honestly, I think that's one of the things that makes a good writer.  I know that probably sounds stupid.  But if you're writing just for money, you aren't going to succeed.  If you're writing because you like it, because you like your own stories, that's when the quality comes out.

     Take a look at two of my favorite writers.  They're both probably way more popular than I am.  First is Katie Salidas.  The book I just finished and reviewed is her first novel.  It starts a series called "Immortalis."  It's a vampire book.  Katie's also a hustler.  Not in the bad sense, but I mean she gets out there and pushes her books!  She does book signings, and giveaways, and writes her own blog!  (Only her first book is out in real book form, most of her writing is on Kindle and that kind of thing.)  She's out there!  And believe it, or not, after reading her first book I think she's created a fantastic series!  I mean HBO worthy series!  After seeing some of the crap that's been in the theaters, and on pay television lately, she's much better!  Will she be signing a deal with HBO soon?  Showtime?  Cinemax?  Probably not.  She's an unknown just like me.  That doesn't mean she isn't loaded with talent.  Is she rich from all the writing she's done?  I doubt it.  But still she keeps writing, keeps the world she's created alive.  I'm proud of her!

     I met Katie in person and she signed a neat promo card for me.  She even gave a shot at getting me to get some of my books together and head to a book signing.  She gave me a few hints on how to hustle, too.  Very intelligent woman.  I'm pretty lazy though, and just keep writing.  Maybe someday I'll hustle, or maybe I'll just keep writing and my stuff can become best seller after I die.  

     Katie helps out a lot of other authors by interviewing them on her blog.  I'm learning pretty quickly that there are quite a few independent authors out there willing to help each other out.  Check out her blog, and read her books.  She's good!

     The other author I really like is Steve Morris.  He's English.  That means he lives in England.  He's a teacher, and a much more popular author than I am.  He's been in the papers over there in the U.K!  (That stands for the United Kingdom, if you weren't sure.  Yes, England.)  But does he make enough money to quit teaching and just tour the world signing his books?  No.  He's not an independent author, though.  He does have a publisher.  But still, that doesn't mean he's raking in the dollars...or pounds, or whatever.  He writes because he likes to write.  I've swapped books with him, and he really loved the military book I wrote called Frigate: November.  Don't worry if you haven't heard of it, not too many people have read it.  I enjoyed writing it though, and that's what counts.  I read and reviewed his first book called "In All Probability."  It was a book of short stories.  Good short stories!  He's sent me his newest book called "Jumble Tales" to read and review now.  I've had it a couple of months and haven't gotten to it yet.  I had Katie's book and another couple ahead of his.  But I'll read it now, almost certain I'll love it! He's got a great talent for writing stories with the twist ending.

     So there you have it!  Me and two other authors that have books out there.  We aren't rich, we aren't celebrities, but we are writers.  And one day one of us, or all of us may actually be famous.  And if it ever happens to me, if I ever sell a few million books, or sign a lucrative tv, or movie deal, I think I'll still miss the days when I was trying to type just one, or two more sentences before I had to go to work.  I'll miss the days when I wrote just because I liked writing.

     Support independent writers, unknowns, and see how much talent really is out there!

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  1. Excellent. Robert "tells it like it is" and that is why "Frigate: November" and The Casino series hit home in the way that they do.