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Monday, January 31, 2011 niece, Tiffany!

     I've never understood women, let alone teenaged girls.  I know what goes through a teenaged boys mind, because I've been one before.  A long time ago, but that's kind of something you never forget.  And what's on a teenaged boy's mind?  Well, mostly teenaged girls.  I decided to interview my niece, who is a teenaged girl this time.  I really don't want to talk about teenaged boys, though.  But I do find it interesting how different things are now from when I grew up.  And so I'll just ask her about that.  So I'd now like to introduce my niece Tiffany!  (Please Tiffy, no boy talk, ok?)

I know for pretty much most of your life cell phones have been around.  So how much do you actually use your cell phone?  Do you have a lot of contacts?  I know that's being nosy, but how many phone numbers do you have listed on your cell phone?  (I have 22 people on mine.  I probably call only around maybe 5 or 6 of them?)

I actually use my cell phone a lot less than most teenagers it seems like. I usually use it to talk to my dad or to my mom at work. I text some, but not very much. I try to stay out of the teenage drama... I have quite a few contacts even though I do not talk to all of them, about 139... not counting them multiple times for different numbers. Ha ha. I only text about 40 of them a week... if that, and I only talk to about 10 in a month.
40, wow.  *chuckle* I don’t think I talk to 40 different people in person in a week!  

When I was your age, the only people I knew were pretty much the ones who lived around me, and the ones I went to school with.  Now, with email, social networking, and things like that, I have friends all over the world.  Do you have any overseas friends?  If you do, how did you meet them?

No, actually I do not have any overseas friends I try to mostly add people that I know, but people from overseas have tried to add me. I am friends with one overseas girl, but she lives here in Oklahoma now, but she is from Germany. She came here to get an American high school diploma.
I wonder why people from overseas have tried to add you without knowing you?  Go figure.  I met my overseas friends through my writing.
Which friend lives the farthest away from you?  If you don't want to give their name, that's fine, just tell us where they live.

Well since I live in the middle of the country that is kind of difficult, so I will talk about friends on each coast... I have one friend that lives in New York City, we used to go to school together in Las Vegas and then she moved there... I have tons of friends on the west coast though, from Nevada, California, and Arizona, most of my friends on the social networks are from those places because I had lived in Nevada and Arizona the longest. I do not have a ton of friends from all over since I try to add people I know.
New York and California!  You’re a coast to coast girl, Tiffy!  *chuckle*  All joking aside, it’s nice that you still have friends you stay in contact with.  In the military people always think they’ll stay in contact, but then when they get discharged, they never see each other again!  Actually, a few have found me on facebook.  But without that...well, people are people, I guess.

Have you ever seen, or used a record player?

I have seen records... and I have seen record players in old movies. But I have never used one and I do not really know what it is... Is it kind of like an oversized CD player? Ha ha.
“ old movies.”  Ok, stop that!  I’m not in my 90’s for crying out loud!  You think that’s funny, but now with all the digital movies and music, cds will fade out after a while.  When you’re older some kid may be telling YOU they saw a cd player once in an old movie!  *chuckle*

Typing class is completely gone from schools now, as are typewriters.  Now the class is called "Keyboarding."  Have you taken this class?  How did you learn to type, or do you just still "hunt and peck?"  (I type around 70 words per minute, by the way.)

Yes, I have taken the class. It was not all about typing, but I did learn how to type fast. I can not type 70 words per minute, but I can type between 35 to 37. :) It makes it a lot easier for me when I have to write essays and things because it does not take me forever. I can type like 40 words per minute when I am not having to read off a paper or anything because I like to look at the screen so I know what I have typed.
In the class we also learned how to use the software on computers, like spreadsheets and the tricks for Word documents. It was very interesting because now I know how to do many things with a computer that I did not know how to before.
I still remember typing class.  All the typewriters clicking around me.  When you would get near the end of a line, the typewriter would go “Ding!” and you’d have to press “return” key to move to the next line.  And now they teach you about spreadsheets and word documents?  You probably know more about how to write on a computer now than I do!  *chuckle*
As a kid, I had a few electronic things, but nothing like we have today.  What's the one electronic thing you have that you think you absolutely could not live without now?  (I'm guessing it's a cell phone)

I would have to agree with you on that one. I could absolutely not live without my cell phone, but I think it is only because I use it so much to keep in contact with family. If I lived closer to everyone I do not think it would be such an essential part of my life. I really like my IPOD too, because I can get on it and use an app to get on Facebook and Myspace without having to get on the computer... but it gets kind of addicting like that because it is so easy to get online with.
I lived overseas for 2 years without a cell phone!  Imagine that!  *chuckle*  It was such a chore to try and make a call back to the states to talk to your family, I would usually only call maybe once every few months.  And then if the call went through, it had to be “collect” and whoever you were calling would have to pay for it.  And a lot of time they didn’t answer!  Snail mail was the way to go back then mostly.

Waaaaaaaay back in the 1980's we had "Valley Girls."  They pretty much had their own look, and way of talking.  Are there any kind of social groups like that around in your generation?

Ha ha there are so many cliques these days, but we do not give them such nice names... There are your normal jocks and the cheerleaders who date them, but there are also the girls who 'put themselves out there'. You have the normal cliques that you hear about, but also here in Oklahoma you have the cowboys and their country-bumpkin girls. I try to stay with the kids who are not in cliques... it seems like there is just a big group of ungrouped people too. There is also a weird group of people who call themselves the: Eufaula Wake Crew, who all love wake boarding on the lake. I try to stay with the ungrouped people because once you're recognized as being in a certain group all of the other groups do not like you.
I liked computers, and Dungeons and Dragons.  So yes, I was a nerd.  I was also a nerd who ran off and joined the Air Force.  *chuckle*

I've found myself texting quite a bit lately to friends.  How much texting do you do on an average day, and how many people do you text?

I do not text a lot. I text maybe 3 or 4 people a day, but not all day either... maybe for like an hour or so. I have noticed if you text a lot in high school that they will slowly drag you into the big pot of drama. I have been there and let me tell you it was not pretty. Ha ha man the lies and crap people can come up with is just crazy!
Being 44, I’ve seen my share of drama.  People never seem to get tired of it.    I’m glad to hear you try to stay out of all that!  Sadly though, it never ends.  You’d think after getting out of high school, maybe going to college and then getting an office job somewhere, the drama would stop.  But no matter where you go, or what you do, digging ditches, or being the president of a company somewhere, there will always be some idiots around you with drama.  Just the nature of people.

     Thank you for being my blog guest today, and for letting me interview you!  Feel free to add anything you like, or say hello to anyone!  (Don't get nasty, or I'll have to edit!)  Or feel free to tell us about yourself.  If you don't mind, I'll even toss in a picture of you here!  I'm proud that you're my niece, by the way, and do love you!  And feel free to promote your newest book here!  ... ... Oh, that’s right, you’re just a kid.  Sorry, I’m used to doing interviews with older people.  *chuckle*  (Aren’t I funny?)

Well you probably do not think I live a very interesting life, but I just try to stay to myself and out of the drama so I do not hit anyone in the face this year. Ha ha. Sorry it took me so long to respond I just wanted to do it from my computer because it is easier. And no I like your ending and beginning, so leave it that way. Well I am going to go work on a persuasive essay for english :/
If you have any other questions you want to ask me just send them.
Love you lots,
Tiffany :)

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