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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


     I love snow.  I'll admit there have been a few days in my life when I was shoveling it off a driveway when I wasn't really happy with it, but still, I like it.  And shoveling helps keep me in shape, right?  So it's all good.  It's 2011 and like normal, people are bitching about the snow.  They don't like driving in it, the roads aren't plowed, they're so jealous of us people who live in places where it doesn't snow.  But since I'm not in snow right now, let's look at some pictures!  Hooray!

     Wow, this is so beautiful!  It's so...icy!  It's so...where are the houses?  Where the hell is this?  Someone went out in the middle of nowhere and took a picture of a snow covered tree?  That's real snow love!  I applaud that effort!  (But where the hell is this?)

     The Europeans don't have these problems, do they?  It doesn't snow in, say...Italy.  Or does it?  It did snow when I was stationed over there, but they told us that was the first time it had snowed there in like 30 years!  Maybe I brought it with me?  That's silly!  How could I bring weather with me someplace?  So it doesn't snow in Italy normally, right?  RIGHT? Italian road.  No, I don't know where the hell this is, it's in Italy somewhere, ok?  The road sign says something like Milano, or something.  So go look up Milano on Google if you want to know where this is.  But still, it just makes the roads nice and white, right?  Just pretty snow.  I'm sure this car is cruising along with no problems at all.  Get your windshield scraped, your heater going, and you're set, right?  Why do you people keep complaining?  Snow isn't a problem!

     Ok, so it's a problem for these girls.  Maybe if they were bright enough to wear pants instead of shorts it would be less of a problem?  Or maybe if they were driving on a plowed road they wouldn't have to push?  But maybe they were going someplace where the roads haven't been plowed yet, you ask?  Ok, where the hell would they be going?  Do you see any buildings in this picture?  Any trees?  These women in shorts are out on the damn tundra!  It looks to me like they drove their little car, in their little shorts, out into a field full of snow.  Boo fricking hoo.

     It doesn't snow here in Las Vegas, though.  This place is right in the middle of the Mohave desert.  It doesn't snow in the desert.  It might be fun if it did, but it doesn't.  I said it DOESN'T!  Ok, for crying out loud!

     No, these aren't from this year.  It was supposed to maybe snow here this year, and I think a few flakes fell, but nothing like what's in these pictures.  It doesn't really snow here.  All this snow you see what gone after an hour or two.  I had some personal pictures of the snow on my porch, and a snowman I made, but because the camera is a bit old, and the memory card won't fit in my laptop, I can't show them to you.  Feel free to trudge through the snow to visit me (If you're coming from a snowy place, that is) and I'll show them to you on the camera.

     So here's to snow!  Or damn the snow, depending on where you live.  I have a friend who lives in Michigan who hates the snow.  So for her, damn the snow!  (But for me, it sure is pretty!)

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