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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Food on a Budget #1 -- Making Ramen

Food on a Budget

I've quit my job and am going back to school which means I'll have to survive on the bit of money I saved up in the last decade or so.  Not very much, but enough to get by.  Now since my funds are limited, I need to budget my money for the food I get.  I figured that since I write a blog and have a YouTube channel, I would share the small bit of knowledge I have on budgeting for food.

My first video is how to make a bowl of ramen.  While this may sound simple, it's possible people have no idea how easy this is and have been passing it by.  Ramen is something a lot of college students know about I'm sure.  Now a days there are two kinds of "instant ramen" that you can buy.  One comes in its own cup and is made by a company called Nissin.  It looks like this:

These come in their own styrofoam cups.  You just add water, wait a bit and instant ramen!

These usually cost around 28 cents or so each, maybe a bit more.  Not a bad price, but we can do better! In the background you can see a bit of a package of Maruchan Ramen.  I think a lot of people pass these by thinking they may be more complicated than the easy styrofoam cup noodles.  But basically all you need for the Maruchan Ramen is a bowl and some hot water.  For the same price you would spend to get 12 Nissin Cup Noodles, you can get 20 packages of Maruchan Ramen.  The other difference is that the Cup Noodles have a few vegetables in them.  Trust me though when I tell you that you won't miss the one or two peas and several carrot pieces.  And so for my first edition of Food on a Budget I'll teach you how to make some Maruchan Ramen.

The quick explanation is to put the noodles in a bowl, open the soup base packet and sprinkle that into the bowl, add hot water (or cold water and then put it in the microwave like I do to heat the water up) and then give it a bit for the noodles to absorb a bit of the moisture.  If that sounds a bit complicated, I made a video showing how to do these simple steps.  Yes, my arms are in the way for a bit, but ignore that.  I'll get better as I budget my food and learn to make videos.  Here's the link for you to take a look at the video demonstration I made on how to make the Ramen:

I'll come up with a few more bargains for the next video.  For now, enjoy the Ramen Noodle Soup!

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