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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not Guilty?

Strangling people for fun

I've seen a lot and people will still surprise me.  I've both seen and read about people doing things that I can't even imagine, but tonight while reading USA Today I saw an article that pretty much took the cake.  It's a story about a 16 year old girl who strangled her 43 year old boyfriend to death.  She's not guilty though, because it was a "sex game".  Did any of that get past your brain yet?  Here's the article:

The first thing you may notice is that the girl's mom apparently had no problem with her daughter having a boyfriend old enough to be her father.  How do you possibly think it's ok for your 16 year old daughter to have a 43 year old boyfriend?  I guess that doesn't matter.  She's probably a good mom letting her kid do anything she wants, right?  It's no wonder this happened.  Another thing that really stuns me is this horrible attorney's response to what happened.

This attorney named Julio Laboy says that the girl is a victim.  His exact quote goes like this:

"It is not self-defense and it is not reckless as she was being victimized in the moments this action took place presumably by a middle-aged man who held sway over her and took advantage of her age to influence a young girl who can't consent" to sex, Laboy said.

How did this guy "hold sway" over her?  So this attorney thinks this guy forced the girl to tie him up, strangle him to death and then cut him up?  Funny how this "attorney" hasn't been "retained" for the case, but found a way to force himself into giving his opinion to USA Today.  


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