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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Cup Football Without Rules

No Rules Football

I’ve been watching a bit of the FIFA World Cup this year and to be honest, it really hasn’t lived up to what I thought it would be.  Firstly, I thought England would do a whole lot better than they did.  There were quite a few of their players who didn’t much seem to care.  They ran around and kicked the ball, but it looked like it was just another paycheck to them.  Win, lose, they didn’t seem to care.  With how important football is in England, they should be ashamed to go back home after the performance they put on!

One of today’s matches had England playing Costa Rica.  The match ended in a 0-0 tie and England didn’t even field most of their “starters” if you can call them that.  I guess they needed rest before the English football season which starts in August by the way.  They needed to rest up to collect the millions of pounds they’ll be paid to play back in England.  If you are a captain of your country’s international squad, you should be out there on the pitch leading your team for EVERY SINGLE MATCH!  If you have the attitude that since your team won’t be advancing in the tournament you don’t need to play anymore, then you don’t deserve the title of captain.  Steven Gerrard lost a lot of the respect I had for him when I saw him sitting on the bench looking like he didn’t care at all.  

But let’s move beyond England for now.  A while ago I wrote a blog about a scumbag named Luis Suarez.  Suarez thinks he’s some kind of wild animal and likes to bite other players.  Here’s the link to the first blog post I wrote about him in case you missed it the first time:

This idiot is from Uruguay and is playing in the FIFA World Cup for the Uruguayan national team.  While playing in the English Premier League he has bitten a player on PSV and a player on Chelsea.  And I’m sure you’re going to know what’s coming now, yes he bit a player on the Italian National Team during the World Cup.  He sank his teeth in deep and from the teeth marks it looks like he tried to take a good sized chunk out of Italian player Giorgio Chiellini.  The match referee didn’t even bother to call that a foul!  What’s worse, biting another player, or being a referee and thinking that’s a legal thing to do?  Chiellini even pulled his shirt down trying to show the teeth marks to the referee, but the ref didn’t care.  Maybe Chiellini should have bit the referee?  If it was legal for Suarez, then it should have been legal for Chiellini, too!

It wasn’t enough for Suarez to bite Chiellini, Suarez then began to pretended that his mouth had been fouled by Chiellini’s shoulder.  He held his teeth and played the wounded player begging for a free kick.

Oh no, did that hurt poor Suarez’s teeth?  FIFA says they are going to “investigate” the matter.  I guess the teeth marks in Chiellini’s shoulder weren’t enough proof.  A two game suspension sounds insane to me.  So what does it take to get thrown out of professional football in England or the World Cup for that matter?  How many people does this rotten idiot need to bite?  He is so lucky that the Italian players showed a lot of restraint.

Now is Suarez really the kind of player you want representing your country?  In two years will people remember how far Uruguay got in this year’s World Cup?  No, they’ll remember that Suarez bit another player.

Here’s a picture of Mario Balotelli:

Mario is playing for the Italian National team in this year’s World Cup.  Mario is known as a rough and brutal player.  He’ll head butt you, kick you, push you and really rough you up, but he DOESN’T BITE PEOPLE!   He may be even considered a dirty player occasionally and supposedly has a troubled off field life, but he DOESN’T BITE PEOPLE!  Hell, last season Balotelli got a yellow card AFTER A MATCH WAS OVER and as it was his second card of the match, he was suspended for three games because of “intimidating and insulting remarks addressed to the referee”.  This guy can be such a problem that he gets penalties for his behavior even off the pitch!  Take a look at the article:

Mario Balotelli Suspended for Three Matches after Sending Off

My point is why is Suarez getting off for the third time biting another player?  No yellow card, no red card, nothing.  Nothing would make my day better than to see another player punch Suarez in the mouth several times during a match.  And personally, I think it should be a team’s captain who does that.  If you’re the captain you need to stand up for your teammates!

I do have one more suggestion before I end this.  Let’s have Suarez play some hockey with the 1974 Philadelphia Flyers.  They were a hockey team that was known for violent fights in just about every game they played.  Suarez can try to bite any one of them he likes, but he may not leave the ice rink with any teeth left.

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