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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Ugly Pageant

The Ugly Pageant

Meet Miss Delaware, Amanda Longacre.

Actually, Amanda is no longer Miss Delaware.  The title was taken away from her along with her college scholarships and given to the "first runner up" because the pageant stated Amanda was "too old".  How old is she?  Well, she's an ancient 24 years old.  So the title was ripped away from her and given to Brittany Lewis who is a young 24 years old.  Does this sound wrong somehow?  Does it sound crooked, maybe?  Well let's make it sound even more crooked.

When the crown was then given to Brittany Lewis at the Dover Downs hotel and casino, they had a brief ceremony and then announced, "No questions!"  So obviously we can't ask things like why they would disqualify a woman based on her age and then give the title to another woman who is the same age.  Their reasoning is supposedly about the month when Amanda's birthday falls.  She had provided this information over and over and over and over before entering the pageant, but that doesn't seem to matter.  All that matters is the crown now belongs to someone else and no questions can be asked.

Amanda may have put her education on hold to enter this pageant and may have spent money and sacrificed and done quite a few things to earn this title, but that's just too bad.  NO QUESTIONS!  Does it seem funny that the new "ceremony" where the crown and sash were handed over to another woman was held in a casino?  Oh sorry, that was a question.  Will there be an investigation as to what really happened?  Who will be investigating?  Whoops, there are more questions.  And no questions are allowed.  Well, that's not actually true, questions are allowed, they just won't be answered.

I've watched a guy who showed up late every day for work and slept on duty get an award for "employee of the month".  No questions were allowed about that kind of thing either.  I did try asking why he deserved the award and was told "Because he does a good job!"  A good job of what, checking the inside of his eyelids for pin holes?

So what this comes down to is favoritism.  Amanda Longacre won the Miss Delaware Pageant fair and square, but the win was taken away from her and given to someone else more than likely because of favoritism.  I'm sure Brittany Lewis either knew someone, or did a favor for somebody, or maybe she wasn't involved at all.  Maybe someone she knew did a few favors?

Now attorneys have to be involved.  Everyone will sue everyone else because that's the American way!  More than likely nothing will be resolved and no one will ever find out the real reason the Miss Delaware title was taken away from Amanda.  How sad for any honest people who live in Delaware because now it looks like one really corrupt place!

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