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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fun with Love

     I was just sitting here and again thinking about Valentine's Day.  The holiday makes me think about taking slow walks, sharing special moments, and things like that.  It makes a few other people think about pranks.

"Hey, Suzy thinks I'm getting her a ring, but instead I'm going to fill a ring box with sneezing powder!  It'll be hilarious!"

     I wonder if Suzy will think it's hilarious?  Somehow I don't think she'll appreciate the joke.  What the hell is up with some people?  I have a few pictures to show you what kind of animals people really are.

     Yes, that's exactly what it looks like.  And now I'm sure this was put into a box with a nice bow, and left on someone's desk somewhere.  Actually, it looks like it's sitting on some carpet.  Maybe someone just left it in a living room somewhere as a nice surprise?  Someone needs some help.  Maybe you don't want to do that to a rug?  Maybe you just want to let that special someone know you care?  Maybe you're really juvenile and only have peach fuzz on your chin and really have no use for shaving cream other than this?

     Wow, I'm sure whoever is inside there will love his art!  Actually...that's not very good, is it?  Is that supposed to be a middle finger, or...geez...I hope his genitals don't actually look like that.  Well, if they do, that would probably explain why he's vandalizing someone's door, and not giving some girl flowers.

     Maybe a homemade card would be nice for that special girl?  That comes right from the heart, right?  It comes right from somewhere.  Did whoever wrote this figure that by being somewhat honest the person they gave it to would melt and drop their clothes?  You people have some problems.

     What class, huh?  Yes, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.  Or a heart, maybe?  Be careful if you're actually dumb enough to try one of these things.  Girls (and some really "sensitive" guys) don't have this kind of sense of humor.  Ok, some do.  But most women aren't going to want to see any of this kind of crap on Monday.  But prank away if you must!  Keep in mind, while you're leaving a heart shaped pile on her rug, there just might be another guy somewhere picking her out flowers.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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