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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Insanity

     It's almost Valentine's Day.  That's lovely, isn't it?  A day to do something special for that one special person in your life.  Or is it just a made up holiday like a lot of the cynics will tell you?  Actually, that usually comes from the single cynics.  So how many women out there are looking forward to this Monday?  And how many of them will be disappointed when they don't get anything?  I'm not sure most guys even care about Valentine's Day.  We'll use the excuses like "I should be treating her well all the time, so why one special day?"  or "I forgot" or "Duhhhh, *Drool*"

     Let me show you what Valentine's Day is for.  It's for when someone looks at you a certain way.  No, not when some guy using the urinal next to you peeks over to see what you've got, or when the waitress looks at you expectantly, waiting for you to order!  It's for when someone looks at you like this:

     Note the look on her face?  And on his, too?  It's not a "Wow, I can't wait to get you into bed!" look. Well...maybe it is, but that's not the real reason he's looking at her that way.  It's that "connection" look.  Like they see into each other.  Like...Ok, enough of the romantic crap.

     Now that I have a couple international friends, I wonder if they celebrate Valentine's Day?  I'll have to ask.  Do people in France celebrate it?  Maybe flooding the Eiffel Tower with their sweethearts?  Is that where the French go?  There's an Eiffel Tower here in Vegas.  I wonder if it will be flooded with people on Monday?  Las Vegas will probably be full of people.  They all come here to get married, like lemmings running into the sea.  If you don't know what that means, go look up lemmings!  Or sea!  How many of the people rushing here to get married on February 14 will be divorced by February 14, 2012?  I'll bet quite a few!  And it'll be because the idiots getting married don't look at each other like in the picture above!

     The other night I watched a video of two people in an elevator.  Yes, the cameras in there work.  She didn't look at the guy the way those two in the picture are looking at each other, but she sure gave him a treat!  She...well, she...never mind what she did.  Let's just say she...gave him a treat.  I wonder if he even knew her name?  Wow.  It was like watching a live porno!  I think that video should be played up on the huge screen in Times Square in New York City.  A private moment, you say?  Not in an elevator with a camera it wasn't!

     So, what are you doing for Valentine's Day?  I did something special for Monday for someone, but that gets to stay a secret between me and that person.  So I'm at least participating.  If you don't get anything from me, then it obviously wasn't you, so don't even bother asking me.  *chuckle*  But definitely go out and participate.  Throw some chocolate at cars, hide some heart candies in someone's desk drawer, put a rose on someone's desk when they're gone.  Do something nice.  (Ok, throwing chocolate at cars probably isn't nice, but what do I know?)  Valentine's Day is a holiday, like it, or not.  So celebrate it, or at least what it stands for.  And if you haven't found that person who can see into you, keep looking.  I'm sure they're out there somewhere.

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    What goes around comes around.