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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My friend Dawne!

On February 2, 2011 my friend, and fellow author Dawne Prochilo released a short story called "Room 11." It's a short story about two people who knew each other in high school meeting in a motel for a day of "friends with benefits" sex. This is not a physical book, but a download you can purchase to read on your computer, or if you have one, they have a few formats for digital readers. For $2.99 you get her story, and can download it to your computer, or wherever you'd like. I bought the story myself, and was quite impressed with her writing. At first, it might look like one big, graphic, sex scene (Sex sells, my friend knows that. *chuckle*) but the story evolves into more. Make no mistake, she gets very descriptive about what the two people do in the motel room, but later in the story also goes into how each character felt about what had happened to them. I've interviewed her on my blog before, and thought since she had just released the story, I'd invite her back for a little promotion, and to maybe ask her a few more questions about her writing.
Hi Dawne! I guess I should dive right in and ask away, shouldn't I? Being an erotic writer is an evolving career today. Years ago, before the internet, this type of writing was back room kind of stuff. But with today's online publishing, more and more erotic writers are coming out to show their stuff. How has the writing world changed since you started writing?

When I started writing professionally in 1999, I was a stringer for a newspaper but as my career advanced into the world of publishing I realized since I was a romance reader- I also wanted to be a romance writer. My first two books, Crape Myrtle and On Her Own, are both traditional tug-at-your-heart happily ever after romance.  After those books came out (and I wrote my first true sex scene in Crape Myrtle) and I made numerous friends with other authors I discovered erotic.  I had discovered my calling. I enjoyed writing sex scenes, I reveled in my freedom because the world is now more accepting of erotica. While most of the erotic books available for readers and fans is still in e-publishing form, with the introduction of e-readers, these fans can consume as many books as they want, plus they are much cheaper to purchase.

You also write freelance stuff for a newspaper and a few online places. Some of that writing has absolutely nothing to do with sex. Do you ever find it hard to switch gears and change your format like that?

I actually like the change of writing style. It's a nice break and helps keep my writing skills sharp. Going from writing fiction and sex to court cases and human interest stories can be a challenge some days but I thoroughly enjoy both worlds of my writing.

I've written two romance books, and they really don't sell. But then I really don't promote them, either. I mostly wrote them for me. Working on my third novel in that same realm, I identify with the characters. I can put myself in their place quite a bit. Do you ever do that when you write the erotic stuff? See yourself in the place of the characters?

I think all writers and authors put his or herself in the characters' minds. You ask yourself, “What are they thinking?”, “What should he or she do next?” or even “How would I react to that situation?”. It's normal. I've been known to build a relationship with my characters, think as if I were them and even become attached to them emotionally. In every heroine that I've written there's a little piece of me in her. Whether it's a thought, a physical attribute or an event that happened in my personal life.

To be completely honest, I thought that Room 11 could have been turned into an entire book. Reading it did make me wonder what happened to the characters after the story ended. Did you ever think about adding a bit more to the beginning and telling a bit more backstory for the main character Paige? And then maybe continuing the story to a full fledged book?

Room 11 was originally going to be part of an erotic anthology I'd been working on. I have four other short stories belonging to that anthology and I'm seriously thinking about dusting the other three off, finishing them and having my publisher add Room 11 to the book and redistribute. As for a Part II of Room 11, I've considered that also. The story did end with the implication of happily ever after but I'd like to enhance Paige and Rob's relationship into a full fledged story.

When I read your writing, there is always a connection between the characters. Even in some of the articles you write online, there always seems to be an underlying theme of connection between two people. Do you ever plan this before you write the stories? (I pretty much know the answer to this as I've talked about it before with you! *chuckle*)

When I sit down to write a story, whether full length novel or short story, I have to have the characters connect. That's the way it is in real life and I believe, even though I do write erotic romance, that love is the underlying message. As for a plan (outline) when I'm writing. Yes, I have to have one. It keeps me on track. Granted I change the storyline many times but I have to know the direction to take the characters and their lives.

You have two more books coming out soon also. Rachel's Desire and When We Meet Again. You were kind enough to allow me a preview copy of When We Meet Again, and I thought it was brilliant! I believe Rachel's Desire is another short story, while When We Meet Again is an entire book, and both will be available in digital form. Would you like to tell us a bit about each and when they'll be released?

Rachel's Desire is being released on Mar. 2 and When We Meet Again's release date is April 27.

Rachel's Desire is a short story F/F erotic novel and my first venture into the realm of same sex writing. How did I come to this particular genre is odd. I listen to a rock radio station where they have a weekly contest segment called “Girl on Girl” and two women compete with answers of their life to win prizes. I've read various same sex erotica and thought, “Why not”. The storyline is basically a single woman in a relationship with a married man who doesn't satisfy her. She's venting to her female friend about the man and one thing leads to another.

When We Meet Again is full novel length about two high school friends and their second chance at the love they never shared years ago. This novel holds a special place in my heart. It spans over the course of two decades and the chance meetings between the two friends until they eventually share the moment of love and passion they missed out on years ago.

Thank you very much for being a guest on my blog again! It really was appreciated! You know I wish you luck with all your writing. For the last little bit here, feel free to let us know where we can find the online articles that you write! As you can see, I have the cover for Room 11 and the link up at the top of the blog but if you'd like to add any other links, I'll definitely post them! Thanks again, Dawne!

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