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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drying up the Sahara

     I took a trip to the Sahara hotel yesterday.  Why?  Because it's going to close.  It's on the North end of the Las Vegas Strip.  This is a huge hotel with a few thousand rooms, and a good sized casino!  It has a roller coaster out front, and an eating challenge that was featured on the show "Man Vs. Food!"  And now it's going to close.  Why?  Because the millionaire who owns it decided he doesn't want it open anymore.  Does this really bother me?  It's one more of the old Vegas casinos that's going to disappear, so that bothers me a bit.  But I never really went there.  I'm closer to the South end of the Strip.  A lot of people will be out of work come the end of May.  Wow, let's flood the city with more unemployed people, hooray!

     Another bothersome thing is that this is one of the last "Low limit" casinos left.  They have $1  blackjack.  You can't really play it because the tables are all jammed up with idiots, but still, it's there.

     Well, it WAS only at the Sahara.  Pretty soon it won't be anywhere.  Eventually, you'll be able to come to Las Vegas and it won't be very crowded at all.  That'll be because the corporations are starting to make everything so expensive, no one can afford to come here and gamble.  Super rich people, but how many of them are there really?  I know a lot of people out there THINK they're super rich.  I hear it all the time at work, how the drunken idiot in handcuffs makes way more than me.  (I'm sure all the other people at the detention center are really impressed.)  But your average person can't afford to play blackjack when the table limits are $25 a hand!

     Where was I?  Oh yeah, closing the Sahara.  They had this whole "Nascar" thing going, too.  Here's a picture of their ad on a wall for the "Eating challenge."

     Look at that!  How fun, right?  Gone.  The millionaire doesn't care about fun, he cares about closing a place and keeping all the money.  I wonder what "Man Vs. Food" thinks about the Sahara closing?  The show aired a while ago, so they probably don't care.

     Here's another question.  What will they do with the hotel after it closes?  Is it going to just sit empty? There are a number of construction projects here now that just sit empty.  No one works on them, and they just sit there dark.  What the hell is the point of that?  Will a bunch of homeless people live in it now?  If you've seen CSI, they show closed places with all the table games, and stuff still inside a locked place.  That's not realistic.  They'll gut the place and there won't even be a chair left inside after it closes!

     Just another piece of the old Vegas going away.  I did buy me two $1 chips, and one $5 chip for souvenirs, though.  They're actually really nice chips!  What a waste!

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