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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Frustrations

     I have a mom that I love dearly.  She's always been there for me when I needed her, and had a fit when I joined the U.S. Air Force.  She kept screaming that they were "stealing her baby."  Oy.  But insane times with mom aside, Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday right after the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.  What a weekend, wahoo!  (I actually hate horse racing.)

     Yes, this is my pirate mom.  She's probably less like a real pirate than anyone else I've ever met my entire life!  *chuckle*  And she'll probably hate this picture, but there it is anyway.  And yes, she sometimes reads my blog.

     Anyway, since I'm actually aware of when Mother's Day is this year, I was thinking of getting mom her own personal Ipod touch.  She's not a techie, and so it'll probably frustrate her, but I still think it would be a nice present.  She has a granddaughter who lives far away, and the granddaughter has a brand new Ipod touch, so if I buy mom one, they can maybe use the facetime application and chat face to face!  Very nice idea!  But here's the problem:  When it comes to tech, this is usually the conversation I end up having with my mom:

Me:  Mom, I just bought you this Ipod touch for Mother's Day!  Let me show you how to get things started with it.

Mom:  Oh honey, THANK YOU!  Let me try and figure it out myself.  It isn't working, I think it's broken.

Me:  No mom, you have to set it up with your computer.  Let me hook it to your laptop and get you started.  If you'll just...

Mom:  Let me figure it out!  It's not doing anything!  Maybe you got me a bad one?  Why isn't mine big like yours is?

Me:  Mom...mine's an IPAD, not an Ipod.  

Mom:  What's the difference?

     Things go on from there.  Eventually I'll get her going on it, but it's frustrating.  Why don't I get her an Ipad?  She'll struggle enough with the Ipod.  She'll get used to it, but it might be a few years.  I'm sure I'll be getting calls on my cell phone after I get it for her, too.

Mom:  Bobby, are you there?

Me:  Yes mom, I'm here.  What do you need?

Mom:  Are you there?  I can't hear very well on this thing!  And it doesn't always ring.

Me:  Mom, it rings fine.  When you bury your cell phone in your purse and put your purse upstairs, obviously you won't be able to hear it ring.  Did you need something?

Mom:  The Ipod stopped working, I think it's broken.

Me:  Is it charged up?

Mom:  What do you mean?

Me:  Have you charged it lately?  Maybe the battery is dead?

Mom:  Where do the batteries go?  And what kind does it take?  I don't even see how you would put batteries in this thing, it's so small!

Me:  Mom, it has an internal battery just like your cell phone.  You need to plug it in and charge it up.

Mom:  I see.  I tried to call Tiffany with it using the face thing, but it didn't work.

Me:  Maybe she wasn't available and couldn't answer?

Mom:  Why wouldn't she be available?

     Sometimes I think I'm stuck back in the 80's.  Mom's stuck back in the 60's!  She wants a tv that just has an on and off switch, and a phone that hangs on the wall and rings with a bell.  She's still stuck in the more simple America.  She did eventually buy a laptop computer and uses it to pay her bills with, but she doesn't understand youtube, and tells me she can't even find it on her computer.  She's always amazed when I show her videos when I come over.  She always says she wants to learn, but just can't quite get adjusted to today's tech.  I sometimes have to kind of ease her into new things.

     But still, Mother's Day is coming and I really should do something nice for mom.  Even though I don't say it, I do love her.  So maybe a trip to the local Apple Store is in order?  It'll be fun just to see Mom's face while she looks at all the Apple stuff that she's afraid to touch!  *chuckle*

Happy early Mother's Day, mom.

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  1. Ha! Your mother is a lot more tech savvy than mine. I can't get Mom on the computer at all. She calls me to go online for her to order stuff. Thanks for making me laugh first thing this beautiful Friday morning.