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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winning no matter what

     Way back in the 80's some idiot executive came up with the idea that if he surrounded himself with the dumbest people he could find, he would look smart.  I even saw this theory in practice while I was in the military.  What really happened is that they looked like they had surrounded themselves with really stupid people.  Somehow, these people figured this would help them get ahead.

"My staff can't get along without me."

     I guess that's an acceptable substitute for hard work in our society.  Then, they decided that the next best thing was to finger point.  That seems to still be going on now.  If you screw up, you just blame someone else for something else.  Point at them and accuse them and push the blame away from yourself.

"Were you the one who caused the fire back in the break room?"

"Maybe, but you need to take a look at Melvin, he's not putting the recyclables in the right can!  How about that?"

     And things seem to be getting worse.  People will do anything now to get money, or to get ahead.  I'm seeing things in the news about people claiming their spouse, or kids have some kind of incurable disease and then take donations.  Then it turns out the spouse, or kids were fine, and were never sick in the first place.  Why the hell would you do this?  Are these people really that desperate for money?

"Larry and Melissa Beach reportedly scammed their way into a new home on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover. They said their house was flooded during Hurricane Ike, but according to records, no house in their subdivision was flooded and their elevation certificate shows that their elevation was too high to be flooded."

     Hooray for Larry and Melissa!  They got a free house by lying!  I'll bet Melissa cried, and sobbed in front of the producers.  And how about the producer who didn't bother to look into anything.  He just met with Larry and Melissa and decided they needed a new house.  Did he know it was a scam and is now going to point a finger?

"What, it was a scam?  Those horrible people, they scammed me!  It's not my fault I didn't check into things, it's their fault for lying!"

     There is a logic puzzle game called Sudoku.  I never much liked logic puzzles like those, but they're a good time killer I guess, and keep your mind strong.  But now, you don't even have to do the puzzle yourself!  There are applications for cell phones that allow you to take a picture of the puzzle, and it will then show you the answers!  What the hell?  Why would you even need this?  To check your answers?  Or is that an excuse?

     I think I'm just getting tired of how corrupt the society I live in has become.  You just don't find any morals anywhere anymore, it seems.

     Oh, and by the way, Arnold Schwartzenegger just announced he has an illegitimate kid with some of his governor staff.


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