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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Panic in the past

Ok, I'm lazy. I'd love to write a load of amusing, funny stuff, but I'm still playing with my phone and nothing comes to mind. So, because most of the facebook crowd probably haven't read most of my other blogs, here's another rerun. And by the way, the panic button in the booth is sadly gone now. :(

I've found a new toy to play with at work. Someone decided they needed to install a "Panic Button" in the Security Booth. I simply LOVE this! I might leave it alone if a siren went off, or if it set off lights or made some kind of noise, but it doesn't. It just sets off this small, beeping noise on a computer terminal in the Security Dispatch. There's also a slight delay once you push the button of maybe 15 to 20 seconds before it goes off to annoy the dispatcher. So it would actually be faster if the Booth Officer is in trouble to use his or her radio to call for help. For now, it's just a way for me to annoy other people!
In a way, it does work. It sets off panic when I push the button. Another person was working the Security Booth last night and I walked up into the Booth next to her, said hello and then started hammering away on the panic button. I then said goodbye and walked away knowing I'd be gone from the Booth when the alarm went off in Dispatch. Well, the Booth Officer panicked and called the Dispatcher screaming that it wasn't her fault! Obviously the other dispatchers know me and probably know how funny I thought that was!
I can't let something that funny go. So, of course, I return to the Booth later to hit the panic button again. I didn't go into the Booth, though. I just stood in front of it and asked the Booth Officer to push the button for me. She almost fell off the chair and was horrified! She said one of the dispatchers had told her to slap me! I tried to reach over the Booth and push the button anyway. I couldn't reach it and was too lazy to walk around to the Booth entrance 10 feet away. The frightened Booth Officer leaned back away from me as I was reaching as if I might burn her if I could manage to touch her. I waved my arm around for a bit not reaching the button and then walked away. I'll be back for the button tonight, though. Maybe if the Booth Officer would have done as the dispatcher had told her and slapped the shit out of me while I was reaching for the button, I would have learned something? Probably not. But there's more.....
I forgot the panic button for a bit as things ended up getting a bit busy. You know, hookers robbing dumb guys, food fights in the cafe, stray cats hissing and scaring the Booth Officer, Trolls attacking hotel guests, Gargoyles trying to escape from their perch, on and on. (Yes, I exagerate my job. The real stuff is worse, believe me.) Now I'm cooling down and having some nice ice cream near the end of my shift. I deserve ice cream after some of the things I deal with! There's only a few minutes left in the shift before I go home and the dispatcher calls me on the radio and wants me to give him a phone call! The nerve! I'd like to push the panic button again, but that would mean walking way back up into the casino and I'm too lazy to do that. So I find a closer phone and dial the Security Emergency number. That's like calling 911 in the real world. The line lights up in Security Dispatch and they think it's some kind of major emergency! (Actually, half the time the line lights up it's some Goober in the hotel wanting a band aid for a blister, or locked out of their room, or ..... you get the idea.)
"Security Emergency Line, please state your emergency!"
"Hi, it's me!......HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Obviously the dispatchers didn't think it was as funny as I did. They know me, though and after a minute they laugh, too. It wasn't a real emergency, but that's ok. Sometimes you have to laugh in this job. I can't wait to push the panic button some more tonight!

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