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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping for fun

     Tonight was my normal grocery shopping night of the week.  I shop like a bachelor, because I am one.  Which means I don't really make a list, or make any plans, I just go to the store and buy what ever looks good.  And yes, I know to the female mind, this is crazy.  I'm a graveyard boy, and still on occasion sleep all day on my nights off.  And being my night off, I slept in all day and didn't end up heading to the store until around 10pm at night.  Good and bad with that, Good: Not too many people out shopping!  Bad: Employees everywhere trying to stock the shelves.  Oh well, I'll just shop around them.  I spent part of my life stocking, they won't bother me at all.

     So now I'm walking through the store trying to think what I might want to eat later.  I end up in the magazine aisle looking through a Mad Magazine.

     I didn't really read any of it, just kind of flipped through it looking at the pictures.  Maybe I should have bought it, it looked kind of funny.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll survive without it.  Now I'm thinking about eggs.  I like eggs, especially hard boiled eggs.  And since I haven't had any at home for a while, I figure I'll just go and get some of them.  I know eggs have sizes, ok?  Small, medium, large, extra large.  But when I get to the egg section, I find these:

     What the hell are "Omega-3 eggs?"  I have to have these now!  Maybe they're Martian eggs, or something?  I check them and they seem to be regular, white eggs.  A brand name, maybe?  I can't even tell!  Oh well, I'll be eating the eggs of an "Omega-3" this week. 

     Everything's gotten so expensive, too!  I decided I wanted some chocolate covered raisins and had to pay $5.99 for a little plastic thing of them!  Cheese, milk, chips, everything's just so expensive!  I'd like to go back to the 50's just to shop, I think!  On the other hand, they probably don't have Omega-3 eggs in the 50's.  My cell phone wouldn't work there either, I don't think.  By the way, yes the pictures are from my cell.  It's a lot easier to take shots when I can see the screen.

     Well, this blog probably wasn't very interesting, or funny, but that's ok.  The funny ones will be posted after I've worked a couple of more nights.  So I guess I'll end this and go eat my eggs and raisins.

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