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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thoughts from the past

Well, here we are in 2010. I used to write a blog back on my old Myspace page, but haven't written there for quite a while. I guess I just let myself get a bit out of touch. Now, I've found a new place to write. Right here on Blogspot! I'm certain in the coming weeks I'll get back to going on and on about how dumb people are, and how annoyed I get at things, but for now, I don't know what to write. I've ordered a new cell phone, or pocket computer, or elctronic butler, or whatever you want to call it, and it's supposed to be delivered today. So, while I wait for that, I'll put up one of my old blog posts from January of last year (2009) Hopefully everyone has a sense of humor!

It's not my Fault!

What happened to personal responsibility? As far as I can see, there isn't any. It no longer exists. Or is it maybe just the people here in Las Vegas? Some of these guys are beyond dumb. Everything is someone else's fault. Every night I work I seem to come across some idiot who got really drunk the night before, lost all his money and ID and now thinks the hotel "owes" him. How is the hotel responsible for him getting drunk and losing his stuff? And it goes on from there:
One guy came to the front desk and said he got sick after eatting at a McDonald's and so the hotel needed to comp his entire stay. We have nothing to do with the McDonald's. He was told that and sent back there to complain to them, but he still felt we should give him a bunch of stuff free. So by that example, I had a runny nose at Walmart the other day and so Best Buy should give me a bunch of new computer equipment, right?
Other people come up to me while I'm working at the Security booth (podium, booth, desk, whatever.....) and say they haven't seen their friend or sister or whoever for 20 minutes. Then they want me to have everyone in the hotel search for them. They can't go and look for the person themselves. No, that would inconvienience them! But it's ok to bother other people! We last saw her talking to some clown wearing Roman togas and they were discussing how to do tricks with jello. And now they want me to find the clown. I think not.
Here's a lovely one: Last night a guy pulled the drapes off his window and feels the hotel was responsible because the drapes hit him in the head. I'm sure when he next puts his head through the tv he'll feel the hotel is responsible because his head hurts. Let's find this guy some high voltage areas to play in!
We have people who are making a lot of noise in their hotel room at 3am and bothering the other guests around them. After asking some of them to please quiet down, they call the front desk and complain about being harassed by security! The front desk will call me while I'm working dispatch and tell me we aren't to contact or bother the guests again. You would think after the reaction they get from me each time that happens they would learn not to call me again! But no! Ten minutes later the front desk will call me back and say someone is complaining about the loud people again and can I please do something about it!
Last, but not least are the security supervisors. They will get a memo from somewhere and then not tell anyone else about it, or show it to anybody else. And then when I'm not doing what the memo said, they will ask me why. Possibly because I'm not a mind reader who can interpret memos without even seeing them? If you want me to follow directives, then GIVE ME THE DIRECTIVES TO FOLLOW! If I could read minds, I would be on tour with the Great Krezkin!
Why am I the only one left who feels I need to take responsibility for my own actions? Yes, I tripped on the ice and fell down. (Theoretically, there really isn't any ice here in least right now). Yes, I have a messy house. Yes, I'm the one who sprayed all the silly string all over the yard! Please, can someone else be responsible, too?

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