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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Library thrills

     Today, I'm thrilled.  I'm thrilled because two of my books are now available at a library in Indiana!  Thanks to a friend who works there, I was able to donate the books and they were put on the shelves.  She sent me the link for the library and told me all I had to do to see them was to search for my name as a author.  I did that and found both books were "unavailable."  What the hell?  I donate them, they're put on the shelves and then they're "unavailable?"  I took a closer look, and the reason they're unavailable right now is that they're both already checked out!  So someone found my books in the library and checked them out to read!  I'm just tickled!  If you're ever in Fort Wayne, Indiana, visit the library.  You'll be able to see my books...if they aren't checked out.  Here are the two I sent to the library:

     I do have a third book out, but haven't sent it to the library yet.  I wanted to, but back when I sent these, the other wasn't quite finished yet.  I'm also right at the end of "A Writer's Engagement" (Yes Ingrid, it's coming!) but just haven't quite finished it yet.  Soon, though.  Some motivation for finishing it is wondering how many people would check out and read the first love story, and then want to check out and read the second one part to see what happens.  When I go to the library and see a book that looks interesting, I always open it up to the middle somewhere and read a paragraph or two just to see if it looks like something I might be interested in reading.  I wonder if the person who checked out my books did the same thing?

     Part of me still thinks the format in the first book is a mess (And from a printing standpoint, it actually is) but I guess the quality of the writing must override that because everyone who I talk to who has read it, just loved it.  One guy working at another hotel with my brother bought a copy of the last book (Frigate: November) just because he liked the first book so much!  I thought that was a nice compliment.

     I've already ordered more of this book for myself so I can send a copy to Indiana.  I wonder if the library here will put my books on the shelves if I donate them?  I know my Mom has talked to someone at a library here and said they would, so I gave her a copy of the first book.  That was about six months ago and Mom still has the book.  Each time I see here and ask about the book and the library she says, "Oh yeah, I need to take that over to them!"  Maybe one day I'll just do it myself.  Maybe, after I get this next order of books.  I know my partner wants to make money with the books, and I do too.  But it's nice just to have my books read.  So whether they're checked out of a library, or bought, I'm actually happy either way.  One day, there might even be a waiting list for people waiting to check out one, or all of my books.  That will be the next thrill I'm waiting for!

And yes Ingrid, the second part of the love story is almost done.    Most people don't like the first one, and won't read a love story, but at least it's appreciated by a few people. 

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