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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rambling along

     I've just recently put out two more books.  One is a book of old blogs.  The dumbest question I get about that one is, "Is this blog in the book?"  Yes, the blog I'm writing right now will magically appear in the book I published a month ago.  Must there be such a huge absense of thought here?

     Reading the old blogs brings back a lot of memories.  And since back then, an old friend has moved on from wild, insane, crazy person, to wild, insane, crazy father.  He can't just run around and do what he wants anymore.  Good ol' Chinstrap now has a 2 year old daughter.  He tells me she's quite a handfull...just like him.  I guess if she wants something, she'll point and scream.  At least, that's what Chinstrap told me.  She was pretty sweet when I saw her.  I haven't really seen her since she was a one year old, so she doesn't really remember me.  She's a bit shy around me.  But, the other day Chinstrap invited me to come along as he took two little girls to the Shark Reef inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  What the hell, I can't pass this up!

I can post his picture here, he won't mind.  Chinstrap (Matt) has always been a good sport about my blogging.  This little, innocent one on the right is Beilei.  (Pronounced Bay Lay)  Cute, isn't she?  Just wait.

So, off we go to see the "fishies."  Beilei loves fishies.  The other little girl with us is Kim.  She's pretty quiet and well behaved. (at least around me.  I'm sure Chinstrap thinks she's some kind of monster.)  So, we proceed to walk through Mandalay Bay to get to the Shark Reef.  Beilei, as two year olds are prone to do, runs this way, and that way, wanting to see everything.  She decides she wants to play on a craps table in the casino, and Chinstrap has to chase her into the pit.  He keeps trying to tell her that she can't be in the casino pits, that we need to go to see the fishies, but he doesn't seem to realize he's talking to a TWO YEAR OLD!  He'll pick her up, but as soon as he puts her down, she runs back towards the pits.  I'm obviously highly amused.  We finally make it to the Shark Reef.  We have a great time and Beilei gets to see the fishies.  The only real problem we had in there was that I tried to take a few more pictures of Beilei, but two year olds don't stand still.  Everytime I would get my camera pointed at her, she runs off somewhere.  And she doesn't run in a straight line, either.  You'd think the kid was a running back weaving her way towards a touchdown! (Obviously it's been a while since I've been around two year olds, too!)  Finally, when some fish of some kind caught her interest (at least for a second and a half) I get a good picture of her! 

This was right before she pointed at some other little boy and announced, "Stink!"  I guess the little boy wasn't as fragrant as she would have liked.  But actually, the Shark Reef isn't the story here.  After going there, and exhausting the two year old, Chinstrap wants to go to a huge electronic store called Fry's.  That's fine, I love Fry's.  So we drive over and after going inside, they have balloons hanging from everything.  Someone spots the little cutie and asks if she would like a balloon.  OF COURSE SHE WANTS A BALLOON, SHE'S A TWO YEAR OLD!  So they give her a balloon.  I suggest to Chinstrap to tie the balloon to her wrist.  He says no.  He thinks she'll be fine just holding on to it.  Huge surprise, she lets it go.  She did actually hold on to it for at least 15 minutes, or so before she let it go, though!  Now she's upset.  Another guy sees her upset and asks what happened.  I tell him she had a balloon and now it's gone.  So he wants to give her three more balloons.  Is she happy now?  Of course not, she's Chinstrap Jr.!  She likes the three balloons, but still wants someone to get her other balloon back from the ceiling!  Here she is, pointing at the balloon, upset that it won't just come back down. 

I did have a good time, though.  On the way out of the store another guy gave Beilei three more ballons, so she ended up with six of them.  She's really happy, until...  When we're ready to leave, Chinstrap takes the ballons from her and puts them in the back of the car.  Then he tries to put Beilei in her car seat.  Here comes the monster!  Now Chinstrap is dealing with a screaming, tantrum throwing, maniac child!  She wants the balloons!  He keeps telling her they're in the back of the car, but once again he's speaking to a TWO YEAR OLD!  She doesn't want them in the back of the car, she wants them in the front of the car, or on the hood, or who knows what else?  He hands a balloon to her.  She doesn't care, she keeps screaming.  She doesn't want the balloon, she does want the balloon, scream, scream, scream!  Anyone who's lived through a two year old recognize this?  Chinstrap says, "What's the matter?  Why won't you stop screaming?"  I tell him she's probably just tired.  Tired two year olds scream.  So, we head back to his house to drop her off before we find something to eat.

All in all, it was fun watching him with a kid.  This week we're supposed to go to a place called the "Adventure Dome."  Rides, clowns, it's like a mini-theme park.  I can't wait to see the tantrums there!  As an end to this blog, I think I'll post a short clip of Chinstrap chasing his daughter.  She had found someone else's motorcycle while we were waiting for the valet to bring up his car.  I guess she wants a ride?  Most amusing!

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