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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scaryangle Filmstars

What scares you?  Creatures of the night?  Ghosts?  Maybe little creaks and sounds that people tell you mean a house is "settling?"  What if it's not the house?  What if it's a ghost, or restless spirit?  Scaryangle is preparing to show you the other side.  Or at least as much of it as we can find.  Feel free to become a friend, or even click the "like" button for the facebook page.  We'll be filming soon, and posting on youtube and who knows where else?  One day, you might even see a Scaryangle production in your local theater.  Probably a haunted one. 

As an author, what frightens me?  I'm not sure.  Have I run from some scary sound in the night before?  Of course, who hasn't?  I can remember playing a game years ago called "Resident Evil 2."  It had a lot of zombies in it and I would play it late at night.  Then, creeping slowly out to the kitchen to get something to drink for a break I would be scared to death, certain a zombie was going to grab me around the next corner!  Was that just nonsense?  Maybe, but keep in mind people who believe in the voodoo religion believe zombies are real.  It's something to look into...or not, if zombies scare the hell out of you!

How about vampires?  Real?  Maybe not.  Can we be sure about that, though?  They exist in our minds.  Take author Katie Salidas for example; she believes in vampires.  Or at least, she writes about them.  They exist in her mind.  And if her mind can give them a reality, how can you be certain that reality won't somehow creep into our reality?  They might be out there, and coming for you!  Read her books and decide for yourself if you believe:

A romance, you say?  Perhaps, but one where people are bitten, and blood flows!  How about werewolves?  Those furry, little shapeshifters who prowl the night.  Have you seen "American Werewolf in London?"  Could that really happen?  Who knows?  You might say no, but what if there were werewolves who had come from another planet?  What if they were just shapechangers who hid in our society because they were hunted?  After a bit of cross breeding with our species, who would they ulitmately become?  Monsters of the night, or a creature on the run?  Things can sometimes get blown out of proportion.  Ask Ami Blackwelder.  She'll tell you about "The Hunted of 2060."

The world is full of ectoplasms, octoplasms, tv plasmas, horror, humor, and everything in between.  What will Scaryangle find when we go out looking for the unknown?  Will we one day find more than we bargain for?  Find out when things come together.  Filming will begin shortly.  Join us and follow us into the unknown.  For knowledge, for adventure...or maybe just for a good scare, let us show you the Scaryangle on things!

Robert Wacaster
Official Scaryangle Documenter
Read the blog and go beyond the videos!

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