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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Books and things for the literate

     If you've figured it out, I've written a couple of books.  Ok, I've written 6 so far.  All of them are for sale on, and some of them even on the Kindle.  (I think that's some electronic kind of thing made by elves.  Some kind of magic book thing.)  Even though I write, I do read books.  How odd, right?  I love books and they take you to other worlds.  So for today, I thought I'd do a review of a book I've read, one I'm reading right now, one I will be reading, and shove one of mine in there somewhere, too.  And off we go!

     The first book was written by a friend of mine, Steve Morris.  He's English.  He's also a teacher, and a damned good writer!  His first book was a book of short stories called "In All Probability."  Look the book up on Amazon, it's pretty good!  My favorite story is the first one.  It's about a guy who kills a dictator in another country with a rock.  There's more to the story obviously, but that's the gist of it.  And they go on from there.  This is actually a great book!  Not only are the stories fantastic, but all of them are short enough to read in just a few minutes.  So you don't get bogged down in some huge plotline, or stuck in the middle of some 80 page chapter when the doctor calls you out of the waiting room for your prostate exam.  (Was that rude?  I can never tell.)  A camera that photgraphs ghosts, a man who lives a completely other life when he sleeps...or is his waking life the dream life?  A society that is perpetually happy, the stories get better and better as they go on!  A great read, and a book I highly recommend everyone pick up!

What's next on my shelf?  Well, that would be the book that I'm currently reading.  It's called "God does have a sense of humor."  It's by active duty Naval Officer Rob Ballister.  I'm about half way done with this one, but I can tell you I absolutely love it!  It's a collection of I guess you would call them essays?  He wrote these things as he grew up through life, and they're chaotic, insane, and hilarious.  In some ways, they remind me of my own blogs, except they aren't about Las Vegas.  It's great writing, and I can promise him a shining review as soon as I'm finished.  If you've ever wondered if a Naval engineer can put together a gingerbread house, read this.  Rob seems to have no luck with women, furnature, gingerbread houses, doctors, or anything else.  Each essay left me wanting to read the next one!  Very good book so far!

          Next is the book I'm waiting to read.  It should be on it's way to me shortly.  It's a "fairy tale" called Cinders.  It's about how unhappy Cinderella was after she got married, I guess.  I love the sound of this one!  It's always fun to read about how a fairy tale went wrong after the "happily ever after" end.  The Fairy Godmother is locked up?  The Prince is now loveless?  Wow, sounds neat to me!  I can't wait to read it! 

     Ok, and last, but certainly not least, one of my books.  This one is called "A Writer's Engagement."  I guess a few people have read this one, but I don't have any reviews of it up on  Nobody's reviewing it!  Shame on you people!  You tell me it's really good, but don't review it for me!  It's the second one in a series of books about a guy and a girl, how they fall in love, and in this one, how they get engaged.  So, if you've actually read this, or IF you end up reading it, I'd love a review.  THANK YOU!  If you like soap opera type stuff, this is the book for you.  Mushy parts, relationship parts, he loves her, she loves him, on and on.  It'll be continued in the book "A Writer's Wedding" that I'm working on now.  So take a look, and read one or all of these books.  All quality stories!

     And, just for the hell of it, here's the promotional video for my newest book, "Terminating Vegas."  Enjoy.

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  1. "I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours but I think that God's got a sick sense of humour and when I die, I expect to find him laughing"- From Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode

    Thank you for the endorsing "Probability". You have been a great support to the book across the Atlantic.

    Rob Ballister's book above seems just the tonic. Vivian, who edited "Prob" has advised me a couple of times of the benefits of happy endings, especially in the current climate.

    Laughter is a great medicine for all ills, after all. That is why I like to read the wit and slanging matches in "Frigate" and "Casino security." I for one couldn't get away with banter like that in real life, so I am safe to read other people wacking it at each other. I like to feel safe.
    On Tuesday I was deep down in a nuclear bunker, but then that's another story.....

    You have two simultaneous projects:
    1] Dialogue-based black humoured male banter of the Casino series
    2] More sensitive emotional characters in the "writer's" romance series.
    Both strongly charcter-based, occasionally they overlap which also works.

    I shall review "A Writer's Engagement". Did you only have pink covers?

    Well "Cinders" looks somewhat New Age on the cover, but I must check that one out too.
    It will be pantomime season in the UK. This year I have to explain to a foreign visitor why the male lead is always played by a female and female characters by males. Invariably two females will walk off into the sunset, hand in hand. Try explaining that....

    Steve Morris