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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guest post by my friend Karenna Colcroft!

Today my crazy Vegas blog will be guest hosted by my good friend Karenna Colcroft as she showcases her upcoming new book release!  Enjoy this post and go out and buy her book!  Help support a wonderful author!

When you’re married to someone, you probably think you know them very well. You’ve been through the whole dating thing, and now you’re sharing a life, so what could they possibly say or do that would surprise you?
But no matter how well we know someone, they can still surprise us. A gift, a suggestion of a date or activity, or trying something new in bed—or out of it—can be completely unexpected. And sometimes when we think we know our partner as well as we possibly could, it’s good to have things shaken up a little.
In my novella Knot Intended, Nolie and Joseph consider each other soulmates, and Nolie believes she knows all there is to know about her mild-mannered husband. But when he suggests sexual roleplaying to address some staleness in their marriage, Nolie is completely taken off-guard. And the lengths Joseph goes to in order to fulfill Nolie’s fantasy are far beyond anything she would have guessed he’d be willing to do.
Being married does mean knowing a lot about each other, but sometimes it’s good to surprise your partner. It might make things better than you could imagine.
Knot Intended releases November 18 from Loose Id, Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt:

Nolie and Joseph have a good marriage. They're still in love, have everything they need, and their careers are in good shape. But lately their sex life and time together has taken a back seat. One morning, Joseph brings up the changes in their sex life and expresses a desire to spice things up. With his encouragement, Nolie confesses her darkest fantasy: Being kidnapped, bound, and "forced" to have sex with her "captor."
She assumes Joseph will forget the fantasy or decide it's better off left as something to talk about, but a week later, Joseph brings Nolie's fantasy into reality. Nolie is not only excited about the role play, but Joseph's willingness to fulfill her fantasy reminds her of how much they love each other and how much priority they need to put on their marriage.
Nolie wet her lips again.
Joseph stepped back. “Thirsty?”
“Yes.” She looked at him, pleading. “I really need water. I’m feeling lightheaded.”
“You’re just a scared little whore.” He set the belt on the bed, went to the minifridge beneath the TV, and took out two bottles of water. “You’re lucky I’m thirsty too. Otherwise I wouldn’t give a shit what you thought.”
Nolie knew better. No matter how deeply into character Joseph was, he wouldn’t let her faint from dehydration. She decided she was better off not arguing with him, though.
He opened one of the bottles and held it to her lips far more gently than she would have expected. As he tipped the bottle, she drank nearly half the contents before she leaned back to let Joseph know she was finished.
He drained the rest of the bottle, then tossed it toward the trash, setting the remaining bottle on the bureau. “Back to fun now,” he said. He picked up the belt again and ran the buckle down each of Nolie’s arms.
She shivered at the light, tickling touch.
“Sexy bitch,” Joseph murmured. “Nice toned arms. I wonder what you’d do if I smacked them.” He tapped the belt on her left bicep.
“I’m not into pain,” Nolie said.
“I didn’t give you the choice, did I?” He raised the belt and brought it down but stopped before it touched her skin. “You’d best remember who’s in charge here, got it?”
“Got it.” Adrenaline coursed through Nolie’s veins, and she breathed deeply, trying to slow her racing heart. For a moment she’d believed Joseph really would hit her. She still wasn’t entirely convinced he wouldn’t.

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