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Monday, November 3, 2014

Petrol Gas

The Price of Gas in China
So, do you own a car?  A lot of people do and that means we all have to buy gasoline, or petrol as my English friends call it.  And how much is petrol, gas, or whatever?  Well, since the huge letters above say China, let’s take a look at China’s gas prices today.  As of right now, the internet tells me gasoline costs ¥7.94 Chinese Yen a liter.  One liter is equal to a quarter of a gallon and in America we buy gas by the gallon.  So basically gasoline in China today costs ¥31.76 Chinese Yen a gallon.  That may sound like a lot, but converting it to American dollars that would be $5.19 a gallon (I bet my math teacher friend is loving all these numbers! *chuckle*)

When I went out to fill my car up with gas for the week a couple days ago, I paid $2.98 American dollars a gallon.  I’ll bet the Chinese are pretty jealous!  What cheap gas we have here in America, right?  Wrong, back in 1989 I remember gas only costing $0.79 a gallon!  The stupid oil companies are just greedy!  Anyway, let’s get back on track.

How about Jolly Old London, England?  How much do you suppose petrol costs there?  Do you think the Chinese will be jealous of English gas prices?  I can already feel my English friends shaking their heads and muttering profanity.  *chuckle*  The internet tells me that as of today the price of petrol in London, England is around £1.33 a liter (Or litre as my English friends would say)  Adding that all together to make a gallon, petrol is £5.32 English pounds a gallon.  Converting that to American dollars, my English friends are paying $8.51 a gallon.


That can’t be right.  It can’t!  Really?  $8.51 a gallon for gas?  Holy shit!  I drive around in a car with a 10 gallon tank and usually gas up when I’m at about a half a tank.  My last trip to the gas station cost me about $13.50 or so!  In England I’d be paying about £26.60!  That’s $42.57 in American dollars!  I can’t afford that every week!  Damn!  On the other hand…

This is a Honda CRX.

These nice, little babies got around 55 miles per gallon of gas!  Great mileage!  They’re gone now.  Well, not exactly gone, but they aren’t made or sold in America anymore.  If you come across one, buy it!  It’s worth its weight in gold now!  At the most, modern cars here in America get around an average of something like 19 miles per gallon. Some get worse.  A great mileage car like a Hyndai ( I drive a Hyndai) get around 35 miles to a gallon or so.  Check out this vehicle:

YEAH!  That's a 2014 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Performa!  I’ll bet I could really attract a few gorgeous English ladies while driving this, huh?  Fantastic looking car!  It also gets about 10 miles per gallon.  For you English mates keeping up with the math, that’s about 2.5 miles per litre.  Is it worth it to drive that now?  Can you AFFORD to drive this now?  Even if someone gave you this car and said they would pay the insane car insurance for it, I don’t think I’d be able to pay for the petrol to drive around!  What a crock of shit!

But you say you still want a convertible without really shitty gas mileage?  How about this one?

This is a FIAT 500C 0.9 TwinAir Cult 85HP Dualogic.  It gets about 75 miles per gallon!  You may not pick up the self-centered, gold digging, bimbos in this, but you’ll certainly attract all the sensible minded ladies!  *chuckle*  This thing gets about one and a half times the gas mileage the Honda CRX did!  But can you get one of these here in America?  HELL NO!  You can pick one right up in England, though!  At least I think you can, I found this while doing a search for the cars with the best gas mileage in England.  I KNOW you can’t get vehicles with this kind of mileage where I live!  Phooey!

I can get one of these here:

This is a Ford F150 Raptor pick up truck.  It gets about 11 miles to a gallon.  I’ll bet country girls here in America would love me in one of these!  Of course if I really lived in the country I wouldn’t be able to afford one of these because I don’t have enough money to pay for the damned gasoline!  For crying out loud, it probably costs $50 in gas just to drive this monster to the corner post office! 

Now I’ve forgotten what I was even writing about in the first place.  Gas, or petrol, or something.  Chinese cookies, maybe?  I know there was something Chinese in here somewhere.  For now I think I’m going to go off and dream about driving through the English countryside in a Bugatti Veron with the top down.  All my money flying out of the back of the car as I speed down the road.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more senseless stuff.

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