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Friday, September 20, 2013

Imagine a trip: Part One



Sometimes we're broke.  You just don't have the money to take a vacation, or go somewhere fun and exciting.  Sometimes you're unemployed (like I am at the moment.  *chuckle*).  But I have memories of past trips.  It's always really fun to remember a nice trip.  I can imagine I'm taking the trip again.  Now that I think about it, I not only have memories, I have video!  So I can go back and see parts of my trips again.  I wish I had video of all of my trips, but really nice quality video hasn't been available to me for that long.
Anyway, who wants to come on an imaginary trip to Walt Disney World with me?  Let's go and stay in the 5 star Contemporary resort!  A great view from the hotel room balcony, huge comfortable beds, I think that's a good choice for a hotel.  And so off we go...
Since this will be quite a trip, I'll break it into parts.  For part one we'll take the Disney Express from the airport to the hotel and then visit EPCOT Center!


 Oh that was fun!  Part two will be coming and we'll take a ride on a couple rides at the Magic Kingdom!  But for now, maybe we can look at a book?  Books are always a nice escape from the real world.  And you can imagine yourself somewhere else for a while.  Even if you can't afford a trip to Walt Disney World, you can still look at the book and dream of the rides.  And if you can afford a vacation to Florida soon, you want to know how to plan, right?  What things you may want to do, or see.  Amazon can help you, and they usually have fantastic prices.  So click on the links below and check out Walt Disney World.  (If you buy books or things through the links on my blog, it helps an unemployed guy out!)

The top link will take you to the Kindle purchase page and the bottom one will let you order the paperback version.  Personally, I prefer the paperback.  And look at the discount!  Normally $19.99, and now the paperback is only $13.98! 
Ok, thanks for watching and give the links a click if you're able.  Stay tuned for part two where we move on to the Magic Kingdom!

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