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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Imagine a trip: Part two

Magic Kingdom

We're back to continue our video trip to Walt Disney World!  In the first video we checked in to Disney's Contemporary Resort and then took the Monorail over to the EPCOT Center park.  We missed a few things, but we can always go back if we want to.  After seeing some of EPCOT we got excited and took a bus over to the Magic Kingdom.  Now it's...well, now it's near Halloween and all the Halloween decorations are up!  (These videos are a combination of two different trips.)  And so we excitedly enter the Magic Kingdom park!

The video player is small so it will fit on my blog better.  But if you go to my Youtube channel you can watch this in high definition!  1080P if you know what that means!  Basically that means it took me about 10 hours to upload the video to Youtube with my slow internet connection!  *chuckle*  Here's the link for my Youtube channel if you'd like to visit it:

If you do end up visiting my Youtube channel, be sure to click the "Like" button, or even subscribe to my channel.  It'll help me out with making my videos.  It'll at least show me that people are liking what I'm doing.

At the end of this video I decided to leave things up to you guys watching.  Which park should we visit next?  You can feel free to leave a comment on this blog, or even go and leave a comment on Youtube for me.  We can go to Animal Kingdom, or Disney's Hollywood Studios, or even take a short visit to Downtown Disney where all the shops are and take a ride on a helium balloon!  Or if you really want to go off on a lark we can take a day off from Disney take a quick detour to visit Universal Studios in Florida!  Leave a comment and let me know where you would like to go next!

Also, I do realize that I need to make a banner and give my Youtube channel a bit of a better look.  I'll get working on that soon!

And of course, since I signed up for it, I'll post another link to a video you can get on Amazon.  Click on one so I can make 3 cents.  *chuckle*


I think I have this DVD somewhere.  It's a really fun look at behind the scenes at Walt Disney World!  And for only $12.34, this is a great value I think!
I don't know about this next one because I really haven't tried Amazon instant video, but the video is free!  Take a look if you get the chance.  (I may have to take a look myself!)

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