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Friday, September 13, 2013

Volkswagen People

Who is happy?


Watching some TV I've started thinking about Volkswagen ads.  They honestly have the most bizarre ads.  One recent ad has a guy pretending to work in an office and taking the other office people out for lunch.  I'm guessing he's doing this so he can show them how nice the Volkswagen he's driving them around in is?  These other people in the office have no idea who this guy is, but they go to lunch with him anyway.  Why would you just pile into a car with someone you don't know just because he says he's a coworker?  I tried to find a video of this commercial to put up on my blog, but I guess it's not up on Youtube quite yet.  I did however find another controversial commercial that Volkswagen had put out.
People were all bent out of shape over this commercial.  They called it racist and said it was making fun of black people.  *chuckle*  Is it?  Too me it was just...odd.  Are all Jamaicans happy?  And is that such a bad racial stereotype anyway?  How dare you call the Jamaicans happy!
Are they mad because it's a white guy supposedly from Minnesota doing the Jamaican accent?  In some ways the commercial is hilarious!  On the bad side, would you want to be working with this guy?  I would probably be telling him to shut up and take his "turn your frown upside down" crap somewhere else!  *chuckle*  Or maybe not?  If a coworker came up to me and talked in this accent I would probably walk away laughing!  But anyway, why is this a bad commercial?  How is it "racist?"
A few REAL Jamaicans decided to show that not all Jamaicans are happy.  They made their own short little film to go along with this commercial. 
Now THAT was funny!  You see?  Not all Jamaicans are happy!  This guy is a miserable person.  He seems to hate everybody!  As far as I know this wasn't called racist.  I really enjoyed this little film and hope the people who made it don't mind me using it on my blog.  Very entertaining!  And as for Volkswagen, I hope they keep making fun commercials.  

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