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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It Never Rains, But It Pours...


Yes, boom indeed!  I'm unemployed at the moment and yesterday as I went to check on a few jobs online, my computer went bad.  Well, to be fair the entire computer didn't go bad, I think it was just one part.  And of course that one part had to be the hard drive.  The computer stopped working right and so I tried to restart it.  And then it just wouldn't restart and I could hear whirs and clicks.  

My computer was homebuilt.  And not homebuilt by me.  Luckily, the guy who built it will fix it up for me.  The bad news is that if it is the hard drive that went out, I lose all or most of the info that was saved on the computer.  Oh...poo!  Now like everyone else, I don't back up too much stuff that's on my computer.  I figure I'll always have time.  I can just back stuff up tomorrow.  Well, now it's tomorrow and the computer's broken.  Luckily, most of what I had saved on the computer was moved to somewhere else.  Most of the videos I had saved were uploaded to Youtube.  That means I would have to go to Youtube to watch them, but at least they aren't lost.  And I transferred most of the pictures I had on the computer from somewhere else, so I'll still have those.  I think I lost my resume and a small bit of writing.

So how am I writing this blog about my broken computer?  Well, I do still have my little Apple MacBook Pro.  It's always been reliable and still works fine.  I had just gotten used to using Windows 7, and now have to go back to using Apple systems.  I don't have my fancy high definition web camera, but at least I have a working computer.  And there are a few people who I can ask if I want to borrow a a PC instead of using my little Mac.  The screen on this seems so small now!  *chuckle*  

So the big fancy PC will end up being fixed.  If it is indeed the hard drive, the part is under a two year warranty.  I'll just have to wait until a new one is ordered and put back in my computer.  The spot where my PC tower used to sit looks so lonely now without it!


  1. Over the centuries, think about how many brilliant diaries and books have been written with only pen and ink.

  2. You are so right, Steve. Sometimes it takes losing something you have to really realize your real talents.