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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Who are people really?

Who are you?

One of my favorite old games is something called Batman Arkham City.  In the game Batman ends up captured by two bad guys called the Joker and Harley Quinn.  Batman is tied up and Harley goes to take off his mask.  The Joker stops her yelling "Get away from him!"  She says "But I wanna know who he really is."  The Joker says "No one's who you think they are, my dear.".
How right he was.  So who are all these people around me?  People seem to have so many secrets now a days.  They're never who you think they are.  If you go back and look at the Superman comic books, he doesn't even wear a mask.  Yet people have no idea that Superman is really Clark Kent.  Why?  Because Clark acts nothing like Superman.  Superman is confident and powerful, Clark is meek and clumsy and nerdish.  It's in his attitude. 
So how does this all translate to the real world?  Batman and Superman, that's all made up nonsense, right?  Is it?  The girl you see at work who you think is cute and demure and sexy is really a closet drunk.  She goes home after work and drinks herself into oblivion because she's depressed and has a low self image.  She never shows a bit of this at work, so how would you know?  The guy who is really quiet and seems meek and afraid of everyone in reality goes home and beats the hell out of his wife.  I actually came across this while I was in the Air Force.  Everyone had thought the guy was just some quiet little wimpy Clark Kent kind of guy (Yes, another Superman reference).  Instead, he was this terror that was abusing someone at home.  One day the security police came for him at work.  How were we supposed to know who he really was?
But this isn't to say that people are all bad in reality.  There are some people who you may overlook who are heroes at heart.  But how would you know?  Who are you really?  People may think that they show off their real self to the world, but they really don't.  You think people know you, and that you try to be the best person you can be, and then you go home and eat the last two doughnuts.  That's not really bad, is it? 
There's not much more for me to write.  Does anyone really know the real me?  Probably not.  They know the personae I project.  Who am I really?  Some of who I am comes out in my blogs and my Youtube videos.  See if you can find the real me.

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